Am I illegal?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GreenBlade, Feb 11, 2013.

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    When I report someone it is not meant in a personal way. As a business person all one wishes is to compete on a level playing field. If someone is not paying taxes then they are automatically 25% ahead of you on net profit. Not to mention the other things; Insurance, licensing fees & etc. I do not expect or want all of the business just as I said to compete fairly.
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    i don't pay anywhere near 25% in taxes. i pay about half of that. i'm legal too.
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    That's good. But as you move up in income 20-25% would be common.
    Just wondering what do you use the backpack sprayer for?
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    Insurance is required where I live.

    Also those that had commercial signs on their truck, not have commerical auto insurance, have gotten in accidents, sued, lost their home, business, because their insurance co was able to deny having to pay for the damages.

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    I am on the same boat as you. I am going to be 17 in march and want to go legit. From what i understand from looking on this site I need Insurance, Commerical plates (for my truck) visit the township to register. but i saw that you don't need a license if you are just cutting lawns and nothing else?
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    I called my town center & I said "I am calling about a business license" & they transferred me to a VOICEMAIL! I left a message saying I was 16 years old and that I was interested in obtaining a business license & have other question if they could give me a call back. I haven't received a call back.
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