Am I in over my head?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by ajslands, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. ajslands

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    So I have a client that want some outlets installed near his pond. I am not an eltrician so I dont want to hook it up or do any of that. But I figure I could probably still run the line from the pond to the outlet that it will be running from right? Or am I in over my head. And I'll sub an electrician to do the rest.

    I'll be using stainless steel conduit. It's about 250' of trenching, I'll probably dig the tench at 22" although I believe code is 18".
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  2. The Lighting Geek

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    I would sub it out and build a relationship with an electrician. You will own the liability otherwise.
  3. ajslands

    ajslands LawnSite Silver Member
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    Well I was planning on subbing the "hooking it all up" out. But I was
    I've got a good relationship with a few electricians that have done work on my parents house,

    But I see what your saying with the liability...
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  4. ajslands

    ajslands LawnSite Silver Member
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    Ya I'll probably sub it out, I don't want to ruin my bussiness reputaion.
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  5. RLI Electric

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    From an electricians standpoint I won't come to just "hook something up" or "tie it in" or "just make the connections". We cannot put our license on the line for something we cannot see. Chances are you can find an electrician that would indeed do that for you but I would say the ones you want to establish a relationship with are the ones that do all of the wiring. I am all for subbing the trench work out to a landscaper or handyman to keep the cost of the project down as I typically don't have a trencher or backhoe. As electricians we get this quite often. You really can't blame people for looking to cut costs. I see it in additions. "Can we get anything off for drilling our own holes or running the wires?" As all of us here know, we want to run our own wires so we know where they are, how deep they are, what size wire, how long the run is,etc,etc,etc.
  6. Tomwilllight

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    I agree completely with Tommy and Bob. Call in a licensed electrician and listen to them about all things 120. They have to make a living and if their name is on any 120 volt part of the job, they are responsible all of it.

    If you find you like working with them, take them to lunch, buy them a beer and suggest a relationship involving mutual support. Some of my best contacts are electricians I've worked with and got on with.

  7. bcg

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    I'll dig trenches for my electrician but I don't want to run the conduit or the wire. It's his license, permit, liability and reputation, I don't want to be responsible for any of that.
  8. ajslands

    ajslands LawnSite Silver Member
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    Well I found an electrician I will probably dig the trench and I'll have him lay the wire and conduit. The electrician said he wanted me to do some landscape work for him so I'll probably do that... As for buying him a beer; I can't, I'm only 18... I might help him lay the wire maybe, or maybe I'll just watch (learn a thing or two) since I will have the backhoe there. And will be doing the back filling. Instead of 22" depth though, I think I'll do 25". Now what should I charge to dig the trench? It's 250' of trenching on flat ground, mostly clay, and there's two turns in it, if that makes a diffrence at all.
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  9. knox gsl

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    What size bucket are you using? This sounds like a job for a rentail trencher with a 4inch by 25 inch deep trench, less backfill and less mess.
  10. ajslands

    ajslands LawnSite Silver Member
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    9" bucket, but I have to move some boulders so il be using he thumb for that. And I'll be ueig the blade on the front for the backfilling. I also have to do some work at my parents house with it. I thought about a trencher though.
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