Am I in the ballpark with this tree-trimming price?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pl1985, Mar 15, 2008.

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    I did a tree-trimming job over the winter that was way over my head, just to keep my guys busy. It was a huge shopping center, about 4 city blocks long and two deep. About 90-100 small 20' or so trees total, had to remove all limbs up to at least eight feet 8' for safety regulations of the shopping center (most had limbs starting at 4'). At least 40 yards of debris at the end. The catch is that instead of just chipping the wood into the back of a truck we had to cut it into small pieces and pack it tightly into pickup beds and small trailers. About 6 days and 6 trips to dump and the job was done. I was going to charge the guy a little above cost since we did it so low-tech and weren't efficient. Does 2600.00 sound reasonable for that size job? Am I way low or way high?
  2. mrbray101

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    How many guys were working? That comes out to 433/day. So after subtracting your cost of operation and labor, are you making what you want to make per day?
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    I would charge at least 2600.00 for high skirting approx 95 trees 4 feet up. If you went in and pruned those trees also it would be alot more.We have a tree department that would do this work with all the equipment such as chipper and chip truck. Even if you dont have that equipment I would still charge this price at least. Its like 27.36 per tree @ 95trees cut and hauled.If those trees were deciduous trees that price is good if they were spruce I may charge more. So yes I would say your price is not to high. With the right equipment and 4 guys you could of had that job done in 2.5-3 days

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