Am I missing something with Paypal???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Trinity Lawn Care LLC, Feb 9, 2007.

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    I checked out there online cc plan. I was under the impression that that cost was Free, but you had to pay a certain% of the transaction. As I was looking it over it seemed that the free (standard) version has a lot of stipulations. For instance, you have to create buttons for each item. You have to set a price for each item. Ex. I could not have mr. A pay for lawn service at $200 for the month and Mrs. B pay for a landscaping job that is $3,500. In addition, it seemed that there is a set spend limit that it would allow a customer to spend. I think it was some where around $2,000. So, if someone wanted a $20,000 patio made and wanted to put 50% of that on there cc they would not be able to. Is this correct or am I missing something??? Can someone here that uses paypal tell me how it works and if it is worth it.
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    Paypal has three ways to use it that I'm aware of. I've used all three.

    1) set up buttons for each item like you said. Each button is for a particular dollar amount and clicking the button takes the user to the paypal payment site to make their payment.

    2) You can send an email invoice for any amount which the recipient can pay online.

    3) If you're good with computers, and can do some work with cgi scripts, html forms, and javascript; then you can process your invoices, or online payments any way you want and then format the data the way paypal wants it and interface your site with paypal's site for the final payment stage.

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