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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JeremySkrocki, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. JeremySkrocki

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    I was asked to bid a bush hog job, and then maintain, the property for the rest of the season. The property is about 1.5 acres and I bid the job at $135 to bush hog and then $280 per month to maintain the property. But I was just told by the client, that another company bid $150 per month, for a 2 month contract, that encluded the bush hoging. Am I way off on my bid or is this guy missing something? I fortunatly have not submitted the bid, the client just disclosed this info for me, but she is a referal from a good customer, that I would hate to see get burned, so if my suspictions are right and this guy is way off, I would like to give her a heads up that she may not get what she is looking for.

    Please help, very baffled by this news.

    Thank You
  2. m&m

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    is there any weedeating and is the place wide open where you can just run right thru it?also, is the house sitting in the middle of the 1.5 acres or is this the total area of lawn to care for?
  3. JeremySkrocki

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    Yes the the house is in the middle of the lot, but its a small 1200sf or so house and it includes Mow/Trim/Edge/Blow.
  4. wattsup

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    How tall is the grass? If it is high enough it really needs a bushhog you are right on. For my bushhog to move it costs $150, after that it varies. I do not know how anyone can do that job for that price, unless they live next door. I just re-read your post, that is crazy. No way, there has to be a communication problem or the customer is jacking with you to get you to go low. Good luck.
  5. Runner

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    Give her a small lesson in the nature of business. Explain to her different cost factors, and what it costs to run and maintain the equipment AND the business. Explain that if someone is doing it, or attemting to do this for this cost, it is for one of two reasons. First, the person is so inexperienced that they are ignorant of these costs and operations pertaining to them. Second, if they ARE doing this kind of thing at this type of cost, it is because they are cutting costs in some other areas - like insurance, for example. Let her know you see it all the time, and if she wants to go with having it done right, by a professional business, then you're the man. If she wants to roll the dice, and assume the liability of anything that happens on that property, both to property AND/OR anyONE on that property, including the guy doing the work, she can save a few bucks, but open up for a litigation nightmare. It can happen and DOES. We see and hear about it all the time. If she wants testimony of other professionals, I'd be happy to give it to her. I'm sure there are many others here who could do the same. You could simply tell her that you consoled with other pros, and THEY all agreed. Print this thread and show her.

    You don't have to show her the site name, and you don't have to show her this sentence,- that is why it's spaced.
  6. FrankenScagMachines

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    To print just a certain amount of text, highlight what you want and click on "file" then on "print" then there is an option "Print selection" or something like that, that way you can only get parts you want.
  7. m&m

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    well man, with that given, id say u r right on track.............i wouldnt go any lower...........never say no to a job......just give them ur price and go from there
  8. Jimbo

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    can you please explain to me why your monthly maintenance is more expensive than the initial Cutting?

    This really seems odd to me. I usually set my inital cut price high and once the property is in order my monthly maintenance cost is less.

    I dont follow your logic.

  9. m&m

    m&m LawnSite Member
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    i can see why he is pricing like that
    ................if i hook up to my flatbed and haul my big tractor out to a job, i have a set price on that for it to leave yard for any work....minimum...........its only one cut.......the reg maintenance is 4 cuts a month so i see his point
  10. greenman

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    I don't think I would do it for $150. Maybe at least $220.

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