am i stuck with this property?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, May 13, 2002.

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    one of my new customers has turned out to be a disaster. the guy is really nice, dont complain, and his property is beautiful. when he signed on in march, he said i was a bit expensive could i come down a few bucks, i said sorry, no. so he signed on anyhow and the first couple of trips were great, but now, the "surge growth" is outragous. i have never seen a lawn grow so much in one week. i mean i am triple and quadruple cutting this lawn just to get it to look decent. its taking an hour, it is no way worth my while, i need to get done in 30 min or less. i have never backed out on a customer who was under contract, but i wish like hell i could get out of this one. the contract states"customer can cancell at any time, in writing, with one week notice". but doesnt say anything about me cancelling. what do u all think?
  2. Currier

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    I'd find out who: 1. overfertilized or 2. overwaters and get something done. overfert - your partially stuck but cutting back on the domestic water may help...then again mother nature may stick it to you anyway.

    contract wise you have commited to this person, is there any way to cut it at shorter intervals (3-5 days)? If you can get the fertilization deal under control this cutting more than weekly might only be temporary.
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    see the Primo thread under Pesticide and fertilizer application area

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    Tell the guy that you have to cut it twice a week to have it looking up to your standards. If he doesn't go for this, than you have an out. Do you charge per cut or per month? Who fertilized the yard?

  5. aakin

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    When I was looking for a new lawn service a few years ago the prospective lawn service asked who was doing the fertilization. When I told him it was Agriturf he said he would not take us on unless we used him to fertilize because Agriturf was a little nitrogen happy.

    Tell your customer about this unusual growth and how it is bad for you because of all of the additional effort but even moreimportantly it is bad for his lawn. Although it may yield a nice green lawn in the short term it is really stressing the lawn and weakening the root system which will make the lawn more prone to disease in the long term. And if that doesn't work give him ample time (3 months notice) to find a new lawn company and cancel the agreement.
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    Nice guy, doesn't complain, property is beautiful and he paid your price..

    I think you should suck it up! :p

    Find out what's going on with the outrageous surge growth.. i.e. fert & water.

    You cutting it at 4 inches?

    How could you not give yourself an out.. written in the contract? Mine states " Either party may terminate this aggreement with a 15 day advance written notice..."

    You have been doing this for a while... right?
  7. HBFOXJr

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    Somebody is gonna write a book "The Mis-Adventures of BobbyG", or "How Not to Shoot Your Own Foot in the Lawn Care Business".

    Dog Gone it Bobby you dun it agin!
  8. Richard Martin

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    I have a new customer just like this. The first couple of cuts were great. It turned out real nice. Then Mother Nature turned on the heat and the rain and the over fert. kicked in. He has agreed not to put any more fert. down ever. It was the first time he had done it and he got it way wrong. My "contracts" state that I like you and you like me and we'll keep it that way. If either he or I wants out it only takes a phone call.
  9. Dennis E.

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    Any agreement or contract should "swing" both ways. I've always had the 30 day clause in mine,for both the customer and myself.
    Ever hear - "CYA"?;)
  10. Holloway Lawns

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    Sounds like the lawn was fertilized too much and or lots of water. As far as the contract mine gives us both a 30 day clause and one for me if payment is not recieved I can cancel any time with out the 30 day notice.

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