Am i the only one thats never had an ethanol issue?


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I have never had one single carb on any of my equipment or my mower get gummed up and not start. Trimmers, edgers, chainsaw, blowers, pressure washer, mowers, everything. I have never had to rip one carb apart for cleaning. I run 87 octane with 10% ethanol and redmax synthetic blend in all my 2 strokes, i add an ounce of SEAFOAM to each gallon. I have never replaced my fuel lines or anything and never had one problem. Am i just lucky or is the seafoam just the ticket?


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I 've never had any problems with mowers but I have had several issues with my Stihl handhelds. But, with that being said, I went to using full synthetic Stihl oil last year and did not have much problem at all.


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Don't stop using Seafoam, or you will find out too.

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I've never had an issue with ethanol in my entire life until the other day. I just started using Sea Foam halfway through last summer. Some of my handhelds are 10 years+ too.

The other day (after we had a full day of 50+ MPH winds), we had a ton of small branches down, especially from our large white birch. I got out my Husky 570 and fueled it up. The gas was only about a month or so old, and I had treated it immediately after buying it with Sta-Bil. I have never had any issues before like I said, but while running the blower I could hear it missing slightly, and I knew right away that the ethanol had absorbed a little water from the air in the gas can. Not enough to cause any major issue, but it did make the blower miss a little. I had used the first half of the can right when I bought it for doing the exact same thing I did the other day, and with the exact same blower, and I didn't have any missing that day, so I knew what had happened this time around.