Am I too high or what???? Just confused

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by greenngrow, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. greenngrow

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    Well everything was going OK when the bomb hit.

    In the last week I have priced 2 overseeding jobs and 1 new seeding.
    Two of the three told me to go ahead with the job. And wouldn't you know it they both canceled. The other I called to see if the price was fair and his wife said that he didn't won't to spend that much.

    First case. A guy contacts me, He wants his back yard leveled out where he have 4 piles of dirt. He first only wants me to do this. Then he asked if I give him a price on sowing and strawing. The piles of dirt will take 4 hours and leveling anoher 2 hours. I charge 45.00 per tractor hour. The area is over 8500 sq ft. I gave him a total price of $800.00. I told him it could be less depending on how long it took on the excavating. He want it fertilize also.

    Second case a enter seeding of a exsisting lawn. This lawn was a fescue mixed with bluegrass lawn. The bluegrass did not make it through the summer drought. The gentleman wanted just parts of the yard done. I measured the areas that he requested. The total was just over 22,000 sq ft. I gave him a price of $550.00. This putting down 6 pounds of turf fescue with a Befco aerator/seeder that goes on the back of my TC33D. I was going to double the pattern.

    Thrid case, Ths one takes the cake. Yesterday I go see a widow woman. Her husband just had passed this spring. I have done several jobs for the elderly couple. Last fall I did a 1200.00 mulching job. She has over 60,000 sq ft. She has been to my place at least two times to see if i would come ut and look at it. So I finally did. She wanted to only put a 100 pounds of seed down. She also wanted it fertilized. So I gave her a price that included 3 pounds of seed per K and 400 lbs. of fert. I was only going to make one pass with the areartor. All this for $800.00.
    She agreed and even wanted to pay on the spot. Well ask luck would have it. One of her Grandson's and herself came by this mourning. The Grandson being a little rude told that the price to high and that he was going to do it himself. He was wanted to purchase the seed and fertilizer. I gave him aprice on that. But I tried too also explain that I was going to use power equipment. He was only to broadcast the seed then take small spike tool behind a riding mower. It just went in ear and out the other......

    I am so danm mad and confused I don't know which way to turn.

    It's not like I have nothing to do. I have several jobs going on and have others on the line. It just makes you wonder????
  2. Mow&Snow

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    There are cheep skates everywhere you go.....
  3. greenngrow

    greenngrow LawnSite Senior Member
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    I forgot to mention....

    I am the only guy in town that has the equipment. No competition for at least 30 miles. They have no one to really compare with.
    That is what makes me so confused and mad.

    Mainly I am competiting with the do it yourselfers, or it does not get done....
  4. greenman

    greenman LawnSite Addict
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    No, you're not too high. You're the only guy around with the equipment so you have an advantage. You should be able to name your price.
  5. cglservice

    cglservice LawnSite Member
    from Ky
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    Not high at all .
    I think its just bad timeing on the last one.
  6. mowing king

    mowing king LawnSite Member
    from ct
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    thats why we get half down for a deposit before we even schedule the job. I had that happen many times before the deposit policy.
  7. joshua

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    for the jobs you said, they seemed very cheap. 100lbs. of good lesco seed would cost me just about $120-$150 depending of varities. then add in the starter, labor, and equipment costs.

    keep your prices where you have them.
  8. bubble boy

    bubble boy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i wouldn't sweat it. coincidence you had three in a row.

    think of the weeks you got 3 sweet jobs back to back to back. balances out.
  9. DaddyRabbit

    DaddyRabbit LawnSite Senior Member
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    I had a tough time like yourself a couple of yrs ago wondering if I was pricing the bids too high. I spoke w/a uncle of mine and he said "people are going to raise hell if you charge them $20 so why not charge them $40 instead"? I never forgot it and low and behold it worked! Sometimes you have to bid like you don't need it. You are in a tough spot however for if you're the only Landscaper w/equip. then that means usually the masses don't appreciate it yet, may take a few years of overcrowding to really catch on. :)
  10. baddboygeorge

    baddboygeorge LawnSite Bronze Member
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    little advice for ya an hope it helps ! lock the jobs in by contract asap an get a deposit . i require 50% up front an schedule job rite then . what that does it secures the customer an makes them feel valued as being your customer.make them understand that seeding has time lines that it can be done within an within this timeline you are very busy an that time is of the essence . i usually redo/ powerseed 50 to 70 jobs in about a 3 week period an then when germination starts taking place i go back an fertilize with the starter fertilizer .believe me its a busy 6 weeks , have fun an keep seeding!!

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