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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by economiclawncare, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. economiclawncare

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    I did an estimate today and the guy wanted me to cut, trim, edge, bag and take the bagges with me. I told him $140 a month and he told me that his last guy only charged $80 a month, but that now he has moved out of state. do you think that a min. of $35 a week is too high
  2. CT John

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    Post your question here.

    You'll get more responses. I would add the size of the property to your question also.
  3. mbricker

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    Maybe Economic is wanting response from homeowners, not pros.

    My personal opinion--no matter how small this lawn is, the only way I would consider it for $20 a week (less actually since there are 4 1/3 weeks in a month) is if it is not only very small, but there is at least 1 similar next to it (2 more would be even better) that I can service with one stop.

    Sounds like you are dealing with someone who doesn't think lawn guys deserve to make a good living.

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