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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 13yearoldcutter, Jun 25, 2001.

  1. 13yearoldcutter

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    I'm only 13 as my name states. I have been cutting grass for a little more than 1 season. I'm not like the regular kid on the block. I trim,mow,fertilize, and cleanup in fall. I have about 3 yards. I was wondering if I was too young to start a heavy advertising campaign just in my neck of the woods.{It will be hard to my mowers cross town} If you would give me ideas I would like it if not,I understand.

  2. GreenQuest Lawn

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    stay young, have fun, don't bust your tail at such a young age.
  3. Scag48

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    Nope, not too young. I started last year when I was 13. I've got more jobs this year than I had last year and I'm gonna start working up. I'd watch the fertilizing, I think you have to have an applicators license but that might be different in your state. Check it out though, better safe then busted.
  4. vipermanz

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    how is everybody doing this without any type of permit/license?
    Or is this sort-of under-the-table?
  5. TJLC

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    I think it depends on your state laws. Down here no permit is needed to apply fertilizer alone, but is needed for any kind of pesticide app. and you must have at least 3 yrs. in the lawn/landscape business to even take the test. I'm less than 3 yrs so I pay a company to do it for me. Fertilizer, I do myself, though.
  6. awm

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    got to admire you 13. but dont forget to be a teenager .
    you just get to do that theys a lot o good stuff
    in the not to distant future.some downers but mostly good.
    luck to you now,later
  7. biglou

    biglou LawnSite Member
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    never to young to take hold of your future.
    just remember to take time out to be a kid.
    that goes for all of us.....
  8. Island Lawn

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    Good luck to ya!
    I'd rather have you running a business than doing some of the things I did as an idle 13 year old!
    Nuff said.

    You don't want to wear out your equip driving it all over town.
    Not to mention, you could be a road hazard!
    Target your neighborhood. Go door to door and talk face to face.
    Spend some time here. There's lots of good tips/people!
    Do your best with the clients you have. All the neighbors will see it. Your work can sell itself.

    Don't take on too much.

    Enjoy life and stay young at heart.
    No matter your chronilogical age
  9. jcoat

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    ... also, if you're really bringing in the bucks, be sure to invest! I know you're 13, but if I knew then what I know now, I'd be in a position to do just about anything I wanted by not taking on debt and investing my money. Time is an investor's friend!
    Also, being that young, stop and smell the roses! You're only a teenager once... Congratulations on your success!
  10. script

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    I think it's great when you have that much ambition at 13, and wish that I would've had the same when I was young. I did work but I had too much play in me. You're too young to run a business legally, but not too young to cut a few neighbors lawns in walking distance, and get a head start on your future. That is if you do plan on making this your future. Any way, good luck, stay in school, and learn everything that you can. And like everyone else will agree,, enjoy being young, because there is no going back once you're 36. lol


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