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Hey guys,

I wanted to post this question here for the guys that do this for a living. I am not in the business, only a homeowner, but would like some advice from The Pro's.

Ok .. here's the scenario.

New home & new lawn - Tifton 419 Bermuda sod in the front yard and Fesuce / Rye mix sewn in back yard. I am seeing some fescue "clumps" starting to show up in my Tifton Bermuda in the front yard. Now I don't know whether this was seed that was accidently dropped, washed by rain, or whatever ... but I want it out of my Bermuda. My bermuda is starting to "green up" and I don't want to apply anything that is gonna stunt this new growth. I treated the Bermuda with 2-4-D about a month ago for broadleaf and have applied a pre-emerg for crabgrass (Dimension).

My question is: What can I apply, as a homeowner, to kill this errant grass in my bermuda?

Thanks in advance!


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Round Up will definitely work but will damage any bermuda more than you know and would recover much better and quicker if you just wait 2 weeks or so -It's at it's most sensitive state right now.
I you spot spray it-just be careful that you don't get any on the Bermuda and you can ignore the previous part of this post

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Revolver is a selective herbicide and can be used to offset the growth of the fescue without injuring your bermuda. It will take a
couple of weeks to see decent results. Right now where you live your cool season grasses are growing faster than the warm season grass bermuda. After the application of revolver, within ten days your bermuda will probably be growing faster than the
fescue. Come fall time where you are located to keep fescue or any other cool season grass from coming up in your bermuda, a pre emergent called Kerb which has the active ingredient Pronamide in it will keep the fescue from coming up. You will need to go down with 3-4 lbs of product per acre for offseting the complete germination of these cool season grasses. Lesco makes a product, I dont know if they still sell it or make it and it is called
TFC, check on that as well for taking fescue out of bermuda.