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    Well, I think it's possible that monday is finally over (check thread started by Jon on monday). And I actually got to laugh. I have one LCO that I started subing for this year. One of the primary guys can do the basics, but they are real glad to have found me for the true repair calls. We finished repairing a 1.5" valve and adding a zone valve for a section that became "lost" somehow during some concrete sidewalk work or something. I call to let him know he needs to keep his end of nurturing our relationship (he gets a great rate/discount, but I get paid immediate when work is complete). He calls me back almost immediatly and the conversation goes something like this..........."remember when you turned this property on over here......?how long a key did you need to turn that valve off? I've got a main line leak that we can fix, but I can't reach the shutoff........." "well, I USED a 6' key, but I think I only needed about 4 :).........." "'K, thanks, I need a longer key....." Less than 30min later we talk again, only key Ewing has is a 2" square key......No, go to the plumb house and tell them you need a 1" meter key. That is a curb stop type valve down there.........Less than an hour goes by...."Bryan, funny you should mention not wanting to dig that valve up........I think I turned it off, but it started leaking........." I spent another 5 min explaining a "drain and waste" to him via cell. Stopped by to CHECK on him (pun intended and I did get mine). He had it figured out, but I had to really laugh at the panic in his voice about the 4' deep drain and waste "leaking" back at him in the valve box that covers the vertical sleeve!
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    Funny story...

    Amatuers to me are the guys who call us up and have us just plow in the lines for them, becuase they "know enough to do pipe work".

    Sadly, I'm usually ashamed to have my name attached to their systems, even if its in a small way.

    Or this one woman landscaper I was subing for, She was observing me install a head, and commented on the swing pipe "Oh, so thats how you keep the pipe from breaking".

    This women advertises herself as a "professional landscaper/irrigation installer".


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