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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by LoveMyDomain, Mar 14, 2012.

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    There are only three of these amazing bundles available (first come, first served). Here is everything that you get:

    - Ownership of one of these three premium website domain names: -- or -- -- or --

    - A professional website design by the experts at Strategic Net Designs ($2,999 value)

    - PPC Ad campaign setup (if desired) and free vouchers for advertising ($500 value)

    - Our Get Found Online internet visibility package ($499-699 value)

    - Our Search Engine Optimization service free for six months (up to $2193 value)

    How you can pay:

    Choice One: 50% down/50% once site is up: $2,499.00

    Choice Two: $269 down / $99 per month (30 months)

    The domain name itself is worth more than $2,499 so all of the extra services are basically free. Our company specializes in helping business owners earn revenues from internet traffic. If you have been thinking about a new site or an upgrade this is a great opportunity.
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    Not sure if you knew about it, but there is a specific forum section called:

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    no. wasn't aware... thanks.
  4. mdvaden

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    What if it only costs $10 per year to register?

    Wouldn't it then be really worth $10 per year?

    Hard to prove what a name is really worth.

  5. LoveMyDomain

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    Your point is taken. However there are a few factors affecting website traffic and revenue potential -that make one domain worth more than another domain:

    What makes a website name more valuable?

    #1: If the name is easy to remember

    - Prospects will see your advertisement one or more times when they do not need your services. Months (or years) later when they are ready to purchase they are more likely to remember "" or "" than some other names that a business might choose.

    #2: Industry keywords in the domain name

    - The site "" will appear in the top five Google search results more easily than another plumbing site. Having keywords in your domain name improves your results with both search engines and consumers.

    #3: Relevance of the domain name

    - With the possible exception of globally popular sites, having a domain name that is relevant to your company, product, service, or industry improves your success.

    #4: Length of the domain name

    - Shorter domain names often perform better than longer ones. However having a memorable domain name with industry keywords is preferred as long as this does not cause the name to become too long.

    All of these variables represent real potential dollars to a business owner. This makes the acquisition of a great website name an excellent investment in many cases. After all, if a new customer is worth hundreds (or thousands) of dollars - and a domain name will gain you several new customers that you would not have otherwise had - then wouldn't this be a wise investment?

    The other factor in the equation is referrals. Every one of those additional new customers represents income which increases the value of a domain name. However, in certain industries (especially landscaping) - every new client has the potential for multiple referrals (and each of those have the same potential) - so one new customer can actually lead to five or ten new accounts if they are happy with your service. Doesn't this revenue potential further increase the value of an excellent website domain name?

    Thanks again for your reply.
  6. mdvaden

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    The #4 reminds me of a domain name, once, that went across a truck tailgate. Like ...

    "Be sure to get a roof repair estimate today for free DOT COM"

    Even with effort to remember, I forgot it in it's exact form before I got home an hour later.


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