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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by upsondown, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. upsondown

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    Hey Guys: Thought you would get a kick outta this. I have a buddy who is a snowbird and was talking with him this morning and the subject of his lawn care came up. He just signed a new contract with the company that has been doing his yard work for the past 3 years. I'm still trying to get off the floor after hearing his price - but before I tell ya - here's what these people do for this money............they mow, edge, trim and also trim his trees and remove all debris from his property - all for one money per service........the price? $15.00 per service !!!!!!!! I told him that I would kick the old lady out of the house and marry them. Who in their right mind could possibly price ANY size property for $15.00 ???? I told him what he would get out of me for fifteen bucks would be a wave as I drove by to one of my customers. If this is an example of the prices in Florida - God am I glad that I don't live anywhere near there ! And I thought it was only Voters in Florida who were braindead. Your thoughts?
    Dave ;)

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  3. sodzilla

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    There is a guy in the town I live that does lawns for $10-$12. He is the manger at a local covienance store run by the co-op. He opens the store at 4:00am and is done at noon. Then he'll go and mow. All he does is mow and trim. No insurance, don't charge sales tax, doesn't report it as income. He uses a simplicity tractor and does about 15 lawns a week.
  4. impactlandscaping

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    Amy is very easy on the eyes.I'd hire her to mow and blow me, I mean my yard, for $ 18.00.I guess you can survive on those margins if you are doing 1000 lawns a week with four or five crews...What's next, $ 19.99 snowplowing, any size lot?LMAO:D
  5. Lux Lawn

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    As much as it pains me to say it we have lawns here we do at 65 monthly 2000k-3000k sq.feet.There are many low ballers here and we have to stay competitive unfortunately.
  6. impactlandscaping

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    Wow Lux- We do 18-23K lawns here for 50-65.00 each week.It sucks to have lowballers and scrubs bring down the market in small areas.-Sorry i mis read the numbers. I thought it said 20-30,000K, my bad.
  7. lawn8646

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    I live in Florida and everybody is under cut on prices. I had a lady and her neighbor quit my service last week because a guy offered to rake and bag her leaves for $10 on a half acre lot. When I said I could not compete with that price she quit and so did her neighbor. I guess I'll see come growing season how happy she is with this guy.
  8. MudslinginFX4

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    I generally wont touch a lawn under $40, no matter what size!
  9. Turf Technologies

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    Hate to say it but many scrubs here charge 15$ a cut. EVen legit companies here charge that amount.
  10. Scraper

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    Do you have any idea how large the properties are for $15? I had a row of condos I used to do for $15/property. There were 10 of them none larger than 1,000 sq. ft. and even under the worst growing conditions it took me 1.5 hours tops with a 36" WB. You do the math.

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