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Amazing service at NOVAE (proslide)

Orkin Yards

LawnSite Senior Member
Jackson, MS
I called the 800 number today to get some information about the product, and an hour later i hung that phone up and said WOW, talked to a guy named Mike for almost an hour about the product...he asked for my input and we talked and argued and talked some more....well the reason i called was b/c my dealer is ripping me off and he's not saling slides any more, and i need a new wear plate, so i called to order a wear plate...29.99 for the wear plate...dealer wanted 65...i told him the prob i had with the unit was the springs kept breaking, he said he'd send me some for free, AND he said they had a wear plate in the factor that was bent differently, but it would work....sent that and the springs free of charge (+ shipping) to me! i'm very impressed....told me about all the improvements they have made to the product and really gave me a better opinion of the company...


LawnSite Bronze Member
SE Pennsylvania
So they are selling the plates direct now? I bought two plates last year at the end of the season from a distributor in NJ for $65 a piece and I thought that was pretty excessive myself. Was actually gonna try fabricating them. If I can get them for $30 I'd buy them...