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Just wanted to thank the guys at Lt Rich for doing a great job on my upgrades. Special thanks to Brent for doing the job, I know he didn't want to do. They are slammed up there but they still managed to take good care of my machine and truck. If any one wants the greatest equipment on the market go to LT RICH TOP NOTCH SPRAYERS AND SERVICE. The very best money can buy. Here are some pics

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Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Vehicle

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Tread

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Dog Carnivore Liver Dog breed Ear

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LOL welcome to the dog and pony show! (ponys to follow)
They are wearing Burberry sweaters. They have Louis Vitton, and Calvin Klein stuff too.

My girlfriend likes to shop and goes a little overboard. The dogs have nicer clothes than I do.

I'll be fertilizing lawns till I'm 85. I'll have the guys at LT Rich modify my Z with a porto potty.

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