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Any compost / organic matter you can add to the mix will benefit the new sod. Tilling top soil in is a good idea, especially if you've added in compost! Seems like contractor is tilling (absolutely good) & compacting (good to an extent) new top soil. Highly unlikely contractor is over compacting new top soil - you want it flat for the most part.

Ideal thing to add - I would not be picky. Leaves, grass clippings, fruit, vegetable peels - all are good. Use what you have composted yourself and you will be far better off than 90+% of USA.
Yes adding organic material is great
Can also be on top it will perk down into the soil
Trees compost naturally from the top down when they drop leaves
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Thanks for all responses. When I finished this reply I looked back & saw a lot of ranting. I decided to leave it because sometimes it's amusing to see how ludicrous a situation becomes. Apologies if you're offended.
I've tried to be patient & friendly through this whole project, even passing out water a couple of times. This contractor has schooled me along the lines of what J. Baker said.
Their overall work has been so haphazard they have had to break up & redo over 100 feet of new concrete curb because it was in the wrong place...ending at my new driveway (that they replaced)...which they also broke up & redid. I have a whole new perspective on the saying "set in concrete."
I think this +/- 1 mile project has been going 2 years now. Around May 1, the city announced that final milling & paving would be blocking various parts of the road 8 PM to 4 AM May 5-18. Looks to me like they're about 1/3 to that goal (as of May 17).
This alleged topsoil is what the contractor brought in to top off the work in the whole area. I thought I was doing us both a favor when I gathered sticks & rocks in a wheel barrow. They wouldn't load it while collecting the few rocks they had pulled out. They "graciously" allowed me to empty the wheel barrow into the front-end loader after I mentioned I could just dump it on the curb so they'd have to pick it up. As this soil dried out it got almost as hard as the fill they put down first. I want to verify that it is the final layer before I spend too much time amending fill. Direct interactions about another issue make me hesitant to do anything that they can say interferred with their work.
If I can get to it, I'll put out some compost before they power rake. If I can't get that done, I may have to top dress it like hort101 said. If I sift the clippings & such I've been dumping for years, I get material about the size of course sand, but all organic.
That might be the best plan anyway. In everything I do to my yard, I'm thinking "minimize maintenance." I don't mind hard work, but, having hit 70, I'm finding that hard work is getting harder.
Thanks again, Eddie
Sorry for your aggravation but that's a great story thanks for sharing this roadworks project it's probably how it goes more often than not

Roots feed in top layer of soil
Compost and amendments can help texture
You can add it after if you need to for nutrients reasons

Tilling is good to break up soil initially or if machines compact into hard pack imo

30,346 Posts
might even break down & pay someone in the business to come help me, especially if my old tiller won't start.
Ever grateful for your feedback
Good luck and don't stress about it
Keep us updated have a good weekend
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