American Chopper- The OCC boys in the Dixie Chopper Factory

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2manymowers, May 5, 2004.

  1. 2manymowers

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    Did you see how the OCC boys abused those Dixie Choppers? How about when they attached one to a fork truck and spun the tires until they were smoking, and then kept on spinning them ? I'm surprised no one has posted anything about that part of the show yet. I wonder how many machines they(DC) will sell due to the publicity of the show?
  2. linkin_park_004

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    yes,i infact did see that lol,i think that paul and palulie need to clean up thier acts and stop fighting soo much,i dont know if its for the camera or what lol,just emagin how much they would get done ya know..but haha..i saw where they spun the anyone know what model that was? well that is what inspired me to want to buy one so im looking into them lol..yeah,they are going to sell a lotta machines due to occ boys,..i love that show lol
  3. husqvarna600c

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    I think that the guy that was with them said this is how they test every chopper. I was not impressed i would like to think they would cut some grass as a test.
  4. hosejockey2002

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    It's called REALITY TV. If Big Paul and Paulie didn't fight all the time (at least on camera), and they didn't do crazy sh!t like smoking the tires on a lawnmower, the show would be BORING!:sleeping: Who wants to watch someone mow grass? I thought is was real interesting how they beefed that motor and put it on the bike. I didn't get to see that part, does anyone know how much power they got out of it?
  5. FrankenScagMachines

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    This is not true. I was in the factory during production on two different days and that is not what I saw being done. The boys that drive them from the final stage of production to the area where they are stored do throw them around a little but I suppose that just is to make sure all the hydraulics are operating strong. If they weren't working right, they would definately notice it then! I never once saw one hooked to a fork lift smoking the tires off. If they did that with each one, they would lose my respect and possible future business! :mad: I don't want to buy a machine that's already been abused and had 3 years of tire worn off!!!
  6. rookiemower

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    eric i think they meant thats how they test machines that have been newly designed, probaly for R&D testing:)
  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    Bill, that's reassuring! But, what good will it do to burn the rubber off of one? It is supposed to cut grass not do burn outs!!!!!!

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