American versus foreign equipment

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Fieldman12, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Fieldman12

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    I own equipment mostly made and owned by American companies but also have allot of components made over seas. I will take for example my New Holland TN70 tractor. It is made by Case/New Holland and was made in Italy. So far a good tractor. I guess my thing is are we really saving anything in the long run by sending our jobs over seas or letting foreign companies come over hear and sell there products. Im all for the best product but I wonder down the road if all our in the past higher paying jobs go to other countries who will afford the $50,000 trucks, 200,000.00+ houses and so on here in the US. Im not trying to start a war but just wonder what people think about this as far as the down the road effects. Me personally I guess Im for the best product no matter where it's made but at the same time I try to lean toward who can better benefit the American people. My Dodge Ram is owned by Mercedes (Damiler Chrysler).
  2. Dirty Water

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    Its either you buy american thats built in Mexico or Canada or Korea, or buy foreign that is usually built on our soil.
  3. zedosix

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    Who ever has the best product for the money. Its hard enough to decide as it is, and have to have throw in the "who made it" factor.
  4. Construct'O

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    My thought is !!!!!!!!! If we have a war here ,where are we going to get parts for things,because most everything has something bult or made oversea on it??????

    Pretty scary i think.It won't be like some of the other when it was made right here by U.S.A.

    We'll see what the goverment(including us) thinks of the WTA then??????Sorry guys,just something we need to be thinking about,bad as i hate to be the one to say it.
  5. carcrz

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    Everything is made in another country anyways. There's no point in choosing for location, but rather by quality & service.
  6. mrusk

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    We do not have much to worry about unless we are at war with every single other country in the world!
  7. ksss

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    I think the harsh reality is there are very few products available that don't have some portion made out of the U.S.A. My GM trucks have IZUZU diesels. My CASE skid steers which is made in KS. has overseas components. I think you buy based on other critieria but for me at least where it is made is not the most important and certainly not deal maker or breaker.

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