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ammonium sulfate

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I want to put on ammonium sulfate and then pre. later on. In Nebraska with clay lawns with a high PH, I thought adding A.S. first to break up the binding of the PH and then put down pre with a slow release fertalizer. How much time should I leave in between the apps. since A.S. is a fast release fert? My biggest problem is controlling foxtail and some crabgrass.

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Don't know what weather, soil or temps are like in Omaha so just guessing, but couldn't you put down your pre-em should be down when temps are about 45-50 ground temp. Then put down your ammonium sulfate (21% Nitrogen) later when the grass greens up. I sorta think that you may need some potassium also. Is there any particular reason for putting down your Nitrogen later. If that soil is that compacted, you might think of an aeration this fall. You probably could even do it now without too much damage. Maybe one of the plains guys will chime in and help you out. You pre-em if down in time will slow down the crab and other weeds. However if you wait and those seeds germinate, you will be stuck and needing to spray for weeds.
Been a rough winter, had it.
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