amount of mulch for big job??

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GarPA, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. GarPA

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    I'm embarrassed to ask this question but I will anyway...I have a big mulch job coming up ...for smaller jobs I can usually eyeball it pretty accurately...this a 30 to 35 yard job and I dont want to miss it by 5 yards so should I do sq ft x inches of mulch divided by some number like 27??? dahhh..... thanks much
  2. rodfather

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    When in doubt, get out the ole calculator and do it that way. Or, do what I always do when I'm not sure...get someone else to look at it with you and get their estimate.
  3. visions landscape

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    Get your sq feet , 9 3Cu. ft. bags ( 1 Cubic Yard) will cover about 90 sq feet 3 inches deep, 140 sq ft for 2" deep.

    Hope this Helps
  4. fastlane

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    don't know what others use. I use a cement calculator. looks like a ruler. l x w xdepth # of yards shows up . I got free at contractor suppy store.
  5. Harvestman

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    I measure all the bed areas to get square feet and divide by 243. For example 10000 sq ft divided by 243 = 4.1 yrds of mulch applied at 1 1/2 in deep. Hope this helps. Harvestman
  6. site

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    Lets make up an example and pretend-

    Lets suppose the bed measures thirty by fifty

    30' x 50'=1,500 square feet

    Divide by thickness of material to be laid down for ease of calculation we'll use 4" (or you can think of it as a third of a foot thick) .

    1500 square feet divided by 3= 500 cubic feet

    Spend a few minutes pondering it and you might understand why the answer is in cubic feet

    Now we learn how to calculate cubic yards- first by defining cubic yards. One cubic yard is 3' tall x 3' long x 3' wide or 27 cubic feet.
    (Imagine a cardboard box this size full of mulch.)

    OK So 500 cubic feet divided by 27=18.51852 Or somewhere right around Eigteen and a half cubic yards.

    Don't forget to add a bit for waste- its easier to take some home when the job is done than to stop and get more.

    Good luck- hope it doesn't feel too much like math class.
  7. rodfather

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    Good example, site.
  8. tlcservices

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    for a big mulch job your gonna need a lot of mulch. you can just get a yard at a time till your done. that way you dont need to figure anything out.
  9. strickdad

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    go to this site for your answers on how much click on calculator
  10. E-man

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    One yard of mulchcovers 115 square foot atr 3" thick so take your square footage and divide it by 115 and thats how you get your total number of square yards of mulch you need.

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