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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Zebop, Sep 15, 2003.

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    What is the accepted industry rate - if there is such a thing - for the amount of seed needed when overseeding a property? Mine is approximately 10,000 sq. feet. The back of a 10 lb bag of seed I bought said that would overseed 7,000 sq. feet, yet someone in the biz once told me you need about 3 lbs of seed for every 1,000 sq. feet. Can anyone clarify? Thanks.
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    my post edited . this i think runs into trade secrets.
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    What kind of seed are you using to overseed with? Something like bluegrass will need a lot less than something like fescue or ryegrass due to growth habits and size of seeds.
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    rye/fescue=5-7 lbs per k overseeding "established" lawn. blue grass seeds are much smaller in size, 3 lbs per k is the rate.
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    Using bluegrass. Bobbygedd's rate is exactly what that same someone in the biz told me to use, although that is more than what the Scotts bag recommends. That was the source of my confusion. Thanks folks!
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    I'm right on with Bobby, I just did a 10K job and put about 30# down. If you have the opportunity, check out the size of different seeds. There is a big difference and if you are using a rotary to spread, your settings should be calibrated just like if you are fertilizing. If I talk any more - awm- will come over and break my legs for giving out trade secrets. ;)

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