Amsoil air & oil filters ??


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I have read all of the threads on amsoil two cycle oil, and I'm going to start using it. Here is my question does anyone use their oil or air filters? What are the pro's and con's of them if you do? Also is it possible to get an oil filter for my Z rider? Thanks, Tony


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I use everything I can from them.Ilove thier stuff.Ispend 3 to 5k a year with them .I run it in everything.


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For automotive and truck applications, their filters are the best. The long life oil filters they make are specially designed for extended drain intervals. Their air filters flow better and filter better than K&N filters, proven by using ASTM testing standards. As far as filters for small engines, the best thing to do is call them with an OE number and see if they have a match for it.
1-800-956-5695 HTH, David


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I use the 100:1 pre-mix in all of my two-cycle equipment and can honestly say that everything starts much faster, has more power and runs cooler. I bought a hand pump that screws right on top of the quart bottles that meters out exactly on ounce at a time. A lot more efficient than trying to measure it out.


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I also use Amsoil products in my car, truck, and mowers. Their filters work very good. The filters are manufactured by Hastings. This is a very good oil filter manufacturer. I started buying my oil filters from an auto parts store that sold the Hastings filters. Much cheaper than purchasing from Amsoil. The Amsoil filter is identical to the Hastings, except for the logo stamping around the outside!


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I believe that if you are going to run the extended service intervals in your trucks and want AMSOIL's warranty then you are required to use the AMSOIL filters. That is for their premium synthetics with the 1 year/25,000 mile service interval.

If you use the XL7500 oil (7,500 miles service) you can use any filter you wish.