amsoil in equipment?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by man of stihl, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. man of stihl

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    so truly how many of you guys run amsoil stuff in your mowers and trucks. i run the saber 2 stroke oil in the handheld stuff (and lawnboys) and also the dominator 50:1 in my bike. im seriously considering puttin in my cummins and all my 4 stroke equipment. what are the benefits? i got the drawback is price? it doesnt extend the drain intervals in mowers so what it the bottom line benefit that i would see?
    i can understand my truck would be 15,000 mine drain intervals. that makes sense to me.

    anyone have any experience?
  2. lawnboy dan

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    you cant go 15,ooo miles on an oil change on a deisel with ANY oil
  3. cantoo

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  4. LedgedaleLawn

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    I can see an extended drain interval in a vehicle engine, but in a piece of equipment that sees more dust and dirt than clean air, I change my oil in my equipment every month, or every 50, whichever is first. So in equipment, I'm not sure what the benefit over say, Mobil 1 or Valvoline synthetic is other than price. Just my 2 cents.

    This is a direct quote from the Exmark site:

    "The other thing to remember is that using synthetic oil does not change the recommended oil change interval."

    Briggs and Stratton recommends synthetic right from the start. Its in their FAQ.
  5. cantoo

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    I run synthetic in my mowers. We really noticed the difference in the Walker's operating temperature when doing fall leaves. With dino oil the muffler would be red hot at night, with the synthetic it didn't change colour. That was enought to convince me to change over. We chage at around 100 hours depending on what the oil looks like. Only problem we have had was this year. I changed the oil on one of our Bobcats and never noticed that I had cracked the extended oil drain pipe. 4 days later the vibration caused the pipe to separate and the oil to drain out. My wife was running the mower and my nice brother in law thought it was jut low on oil so he refilled it and told her good to go. Got about half an acre done before the rod blew thru the side. Maybe I shouldn't have changed the oil?
  6. lawnboy dan

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    i didnt say synt wasnt good for a deisel -i said not to go `15,000 k between changes -
  7. Ridin' Around

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    Dan, you may want to research extended drain intervals before you get too crazy here. EDIs are very common in the OTR trucking industry and even in smaller trucks that pull otr & local. Not all extended drains are on a single filter, some units benefit from large multi filter, by-pass units and filter changes during the duration of the oil. Oil sampling becomes a better resource than smelling or looking at your oil. The sample analysis leaves no question as to what should be done with the oil, change or continue use.

    I am an Amsoil user & believer. While the use of Amsoil in smaller equipment does not allow the extended drain, it does give me piece of mind after see it's benefits in our pulling engines. Buying it in quanity makes it very affordable. Plus it's a 100% American made product:usflag:. I feel better knowing the $$ I spend on it is not bombing us in return!

    While I understand that the drain interval isn't stretched by the Amsoil in my mowers, here is how I look at it... I don't change my oil on an exact 25 or 50 hour interval. So if I can use a better oil and know that if I get a little behind and stretch it a couple hours longer(which happens to all of us, don't deny that!) then I should be better off in the long run.
  8. topsites

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    I use synthetic exclusively but the question here specifically asks about Amsoil...

    I can tell you that synthetic will tolerate a wider range of abuse and it will protect the engine better, but it does not guarantee against lock up or seizure.

    Case in point is I extended oil change intervals and it took a few years but eventually my cocky attitude caught up with me and I fried an engine, so while it might be all right to let synthetic go once in a moon it is not all right as a rule.

    Which, why would Amsoil claim they run 100,000 miles on their vehicles on one oil change?
    Even thou I was using a different brand synthetic, after my own experience that bothers me.
  9. Ridin' Around

    Ridin' Around LawnSite Senior Member
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    Were you on a sampling/ analysis program with your synthetic. There are several factors that figure in on the EDI program. Were you being advised by a pro or just going on your gut on this. I don't do anything w/o consulting my dealer and making a decision based on facts. That's the other reason I have a dealer not just picking up oil and a filter at the store. Most intervals for me are less than 25k even as low as 15k on my wifes supercharged car. But all is done with regular sampling not just guessing. The 100k program is on an OTR truck that is monitorred very carefully.
  10. man of stihl

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    ok. so its definately a go in the cummins. im still not sold on the mowers yet. do you guys run the 5w-30 small engine oil? i got the catalog yesterday.

    any other experiences?


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