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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jdjoe_97, Jul 16, 2001.

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    I have seen these filters on the Chopper setups. I am wondering where I can get these filters for my pair of 25 Kohlers. Does Amsoil make OEM replacment filters that fit the motor, or do I have to put a remote filter mount on to accomidate the filters? Thanks for any help. Joe
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    If no one else answers your question,

    Amsoil's web site is:

    Try emailing them, they should have the answer.

    Hope this helps!
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    You should be able to get the whole kit from Amsoil. They sell them to mount on trucks, cars, what ever. You can buy the replacement filters from them.

    This set up removes dirt down to 1 micron in size, so it sure does help with the longevity of a engine. This filter only needs to be replaced about every 500 to 700 hours. I hope this helps.
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    The Amsoil bypass filter that you see on Choppers should only be used as a bypass filter. In other words don't remove you existing filter and use an Amsoil bypass filter instead. The Amsoil bypass filter filters down to 1 micron as Eric said but it sacrafices oil flow to do so. If you were to use this filter instead of a normal one it wouldn't end up filtering much oil because the oil filters internal bypass valve would always be open.
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    Amsoil also makes full flow filters for cars and small engines.The bypass filter shouldnt be that hard to adapt to a kohler 25,since it already has an oil cooler externally,just T-tap into the return side,with a lenth of oil resistant tranny cooler hose,to the bypass filter,then return the oil back thru the drain tube with adapters you can buy at any auto parts store and hardware store.If you can look at a Dixie chopper setup,it might be easier to understand it.Amsoil should be able to supply all the adapters you will need to put it on,also.If you're going that far,might as well buy the oil cooler,and plumb that in too,as well as the remote donaldson air filter.The oil cooler Dixie uses is juts a B&M 19000 GVWR tranny cooler,and can be bought locally or at summit racing for about 50 bucks,this kit also has the cooler hose,so you can use that to hook into the oil line after the factory fan shroud mounted cooler,just put it in series with it,and the oil temps will drop.This is a pretty rugged tranny cooller,and has 5/16" fittings and lines,which match up perfectly with the Dixie's factory cooler sizing,so its an easy install,just mount it,and hook up the lines,no adapting on the 25 Kohler anyway.
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    Put one on my Lazer HP 52/ CV23S Kohler. I put T fitting on where the oil pressure sending unit is. I kept the sending unit & ran the oil feed line off other side of T fitting. I ran the return line into one of the valve covers w/ the self tapping fitting included in the kit. Instructions w/ the kit are good. After 50 hrs. of use w/ the bypass filter the oil looks like it was just changed. ED :)
  7. Being an Amsoil fan (and a supporter of anyone using synth oil in general) for many yeras, I could not resist posting. My 86 Mazda truck has 200,000 stop-n-go miles (Hawaii). I have only used Amsoil from the time the motor completed break in. I changed the oil ONCE a year, since. I do not have their By-Pass system with its astonishing clean up capabilities. My motor is sooo quiet.
    When I pull up to other Mazdas like mine,no comparison. They all sound like rattle traps ready for the dump. I have never lifted the valve cover.

    So I thin I'm qualified to say that if one was to put this oil in their small engines (esp. those mentioned w. filtration) you will prolly NEVER need to change the oil as long as you have Amsoil test your oil. And you clean the Donaldson as reco by manufactuer.Yep. Keep us posted EJK2352!

    Go for it!

    Hope this helps!


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