Amsoil Saber vs. Stihl Ultra

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AmsoilPower, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. smallstripesnc

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    I have been dying to try some Amsoil sabre but haven't been able to find it locally and with shipping costs it would be more expensive than buying Stihl HP ultra locally. I don't really want to buy it in bulk without trying it first.
  2. Richard Martin

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    It's not that Amsoil is a "concentrate". I've never heard of it being referred to that way before. Amsoil is a synthetic, plain and simple. As a synthetic it has superior lubricity and a much higher flash point than regular "dino" oils. Because of these properties, you can run leaner mix ratios. But here's the dirty little secret, Stihl HP Ultra and any other fully synthetic oil can also be run at the same lean ratios as Amsoil.

    The manufacturers test all kinds of neato stuff that they don't publish. Do you know that Stihl has tested 4 Mix engines running straight gas? They have run 5 tanks of straight gas through them before any damage occurred. They use carbon impregnated steel. The process was invented by Chevrolet about 100 years ago. The carbon in the steel absorbs oil and can provide protection for a pretty good amount of time before damage occurs.
  3. GMLC

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    The term "consentrate" was told to me by Amsoil techline when I called them before my switch. I was very concerned running 100:1 at the time.

    I would not run HP Ultra at 100:1. To me it seems the HP Ultra has a much thinner viscosity compared to the Amsoil Saber.
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  4. echo

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    It is a "concentrate" and its thicker because of that is what I have read and was told as its also too thick for Direct Injected engines. Only to be pre-mixed.
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  5. Ormond32176

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    If anyone is still trying to get Amsoil, or have questions, let me know (pm). That guy hasn't been around for a while. I have been running Saber between 80:1 and 100:1 for the past 4 months in all my equipment and dirt bike without any issues. I have also been using Dominator, which is good stuff, but you can save some $$ on Saber.
  6. Ormond32176

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    It was over 10 minutes, so I couldn't edit my post but:

    If anyone wants to try some, I can send 3 quarts to your door for about $35. (100:1, this is enough for ~60 gallons) A case of 12 is about $120, and both would be dealer cost. You save more on quantity, but I know some people are skeptical. Worst case scenario, you still don't trust it, and run it at 50:1.

    And this is me making $0 off the sale (other than commission, which there really isn't any on 1 case). I'm not pushing my business, this is just the kind of oil I like to run, and there is interest in it, so I thought I present some options on how to get it for as cheap as you can.
  7. Will P.C.

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    I haven't got around to testing my sample Amsoil 2 stroke yet and have been using Stihl in the orange bottle. This might be a stupid question, but does using Amsoil cut down on the smoke and nasty smell emitted from the exhaust. Just today I was pruning some hedges at the house and held the hedge trimmers against my white shorts taking a quick rest. The white shorts now have 100's of tiny "ink dots' where the trimmer was resting against that. Would using Amsoil lessen this?
  8. Ormond32176

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    I've found Amsoil Dominator runs cleaner than others at 50:1, and Saber more so at leaner ratios. That being said, there could be a bunch of other things contributing to the dots of unburned oil, including motor bearings, seals, jetting, fuel to air ratio, wear, etc.

    I do a lot of offroad racing, and I have tried almost every on in my dirt bike at 50:1, and Dominator runs a lot cleaner than Yamalube, Belray, Motul, etc. It barely smokes at all with Dominator, and Saber doesn't produce anything. Next cleanest was Motul, and Yamalube was the nastiest.

    My understanding is Saber doesn't burn, or at least not to the extent of other oils, which is why it is almost smokeless. You run it leaner, so the end result is a cleaner, more lubricated motor, exhaust, "sploogeless" and so on.
  9. WayneJessie

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    I have run Saber in my stuff for 10yrs. After running my RedMax trimmer on it for about 7yrs I realized that I had never cleaned the muffler spark arrester screen so I pulled the muffler off. There was nothing there to clean and the piston and port were spotless. That trimmer is still running like new. Saber oil is a bargain for me and my local NAPA keeps it in stock. I personally run it at a 75:1 mix but I am confident it could be run at 100:1 trouble-free. No smoke and low odor. I'm sure there are other great oils out there but Saber works for me so I just keep using it.
  10. Ridin' Green

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    HP Ultra is good stuff. Saber is better still.

    Less cost to start, leaner run ratios both add up to much lower costs over a years time. I have run nothing but Saber for the last few seasons, and I never have any build up in the ports or screens. Less smoke and smell. More power. I will never use anything else if I can help it. I run it at 80:1 in everything including my pro saws.

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