Amsoil - Stihl Inspection And Test Results

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Richard Martin, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Richard Martin

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    Let me begin by saying that I really don't care which oil anybody else uses, I know what works for me. The only reason I bothered doing this is to publish my long term results with Amsoil 2 stroke oil. There is a member here that is doing his best to trash a product that works perfectly fine and I just want to put his lame attempts to make a limited test of this product into gospel to rest.

    The tested piece of equipment is a Stihl FC-75 edger that I purchased in the year 2000. This edger has edged mile after mile of sidewalks and curbs.

    For the first year that I had this edger in service I used Echo dino oil at 50:1 ratio. I did have problems with oil coming out of the exhaust and plugging the spark arrestor screen. I was also having problems with Shindaiwa T-230 trimmers plugging exhaust ports.

    So I decided to try the Amsoil 2 stroke oil that my Stihl dealer had. The mix has always been 80:1. Let me say that I have not had a single instance of plugged ports since then.

    I have used Amsoil is all of my 2 stroke equipment 95% of the time since then. The only exception is the rare (usually the last tank of the year) tankfull of Shaindaiwa ONE mixed at 50:1. I use the Shindy at the end of the year since it comes with fuel stabilizer already mixed in.

    I first did a compression test. As a control for this test I also have a brand new Stihl FS-80 grass trimmer. I tested the new trimmer with throttle full open, choke off and 10 pulls. It had 120 psi. I then tested the FC-75 edger. The same testing revealed 130 psi. Hmm... There clearly is nothing wrong with the compression.

    Much to my surprise I found that I still had the screen in the Stihl FC-75 when I partially tore it down this morning. Here are a couple of pics of the screen. It is exactly as it was when I removed it.



  2. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    Then I decided to remove the muffler and look at the condition of the piston, rings and exhaust port. I did not touch a thing. These pics are exactly how it looked when I removed the muffler. These pics tell the whole story. There is no carbon buildup in the exhaust port. There are no scratches on the side of the piston or rings and there is zero evidence of blowby past the rings. Now, let's leave this "debate" to rest where it belongs. In the deleted file.


  3. lawnboy dan

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    great report- i am going to amzoil after my mobil 2t is gone. mobil dosnt give a rats behind about making a high quality 2 stroke oil any more so they will loose my biz. i use sthil ultra only in my br600-havent gotten up the courage to try amzoil in it yet as it does so well on ultra
  4. LwnmwrMan22

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    The biggest note here, is to run 80:1. I too have been running Amsoil for 20+ years, my dad's been a dealer as long as I can remember.

    At 50:1, you'll plug up. At 100:1, you'll fry the engine.

    Keep it at 80:1, even though there's a big 100:1 on the front label.
  5. tacoma200

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    Thanks for the report!
  6. bart may

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    I don't know about frying the engine at 100:1. I have ran it for 5 years at this rate and haven't fried an engine. I do still have some carbon buildup though. I know that running lean can also cause this as well. It might be the altitude along with the ratio I don't know. I'm going to try 80:1 this year as well.

    Thanks for the test and report. Synthetics rock.
  7. yungman

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    Thanks for the report. I know you are refer to me about the loud mouth critic. That is ok. This is the first more convincing report I have seen.

    I don't need to be right, before that, the RC is the only report ( not counting Amsoil own report). This is more convincing than all the talk and argument to me. Strong words, rude argument don't do anything for me, this does.


    The question I have is: How many hours do you have with this engine?

    If anyone have other experience with Amsoil and or other oil that they are willing to go out of their way to open the engine and take pictures to share with us, that will be very nice.

    I myself are doing some experiment. I run 2 tankful of gas with different oil and open the muffler and look at the deposit. Then I clean up everything and do the same thing with another brand. So far I tried Echo, Shindaiwa One, Mobil 2T and all look similar. I am on Stihl Ultra now, then I am going to try Amsoil next.

    Words don't mean anything, result speak louder!!!! GOOD JOB.

    Have any other that you are going to take picture and show us?

    Anyone use more oil than 80:1? Willing to share pictures??
  8. Richard Martin

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    I do not track hours on handheld equipment. I'd have to say that the hours are easily well in excess of the EPA emissions rating. I've replaced the carb, the rubber debris flap and the on/off switch stopped working 3 years ago.

    I have no plans at this time to tear down or test any other equipment. I don't see the point.
  9. yungman

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    THanks for taking the time, this is what I am looking for, concrete answer. I am doing the experiment my own way, problem is I don't use it 8 hours a day like you guys do, 2 tankful can hardly tell a whole lot. I don't have the patience to try 2 months before switching to another oil.

    Anyone else is kind enough to show their picture??:waving:
  10. milo

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    i run pennsoil tc3 and now switched to castrol because thats all i can find that i trust.. also though i run way way way to much oil, i was running like 10 to 1 lol... what i was doing was filling my 50to1 bottles of echo back up to the top anwhen i finally checked it (3 years later lol) with my mixer for my dirt bikes it was like 10 to 1. now i am running 50to1 but wanted to note that none of my machines have carbon built up running that much oil either.
    i think if you run really junk 2 cycle oil is when it builds up. oh and also if you run 87 octane it will do this

    good tip too for people
    if you have the 50to1 echo bottles if you fill it to the top and get 2 gallons of gas to mix it will be right at 50 to 1 mix perfect.

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