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does anyone no if it is possible to add a amsoil filter to a 25hp kohlor cammand like the choppers have? I was just looking at there website... looks like it would be a worth while add on if its possible!

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
Evan if it's any help to you the Mobil 1 filter is just a tick below the Amsoil filter in capacity and filtering power according to the Amsoil website. The Mobil 1 filter is available everywhere. $10.00 a piece at K-Mart

John DiMartino

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Evan,you can add the bypass filter to any engine out there as long as it has pressure lubrication.I know a couple of guys that put them on there diesel pickup engines and run amsoil synthetics and go 100K miles between oil changes with this setup.I was looking at my DC setup and it would be easy to put one on,it would add oil capacity and cooling capacity too.Ill ask them where they got them from if you want.<p>----------<br>John D<br>