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  1. Andrew's Lawn Maintenance

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    I am currently using the Amsoil Saber Pro 100:1 pre mix and am very pleased with the results of the non smoke smell. I am currently mixing it to 80:1 instead of the 100:1 mix because I am affraid that it will burn to hot in the engine! Do any of you use Amsoil and mix it to 100:1. Thanks!!!
  2. causalitist

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    ya i use it .. i also mix it "stronger", i put one of those little bottles meant for 3gal in a 2.5 gal can. thats prolly around 80:1 .

    there are prolly 50 other people on here who do.

    i've been running it for 2 years with good results, no smoke, very low soot/oil buildup etc.

    there is a person or 2 on here who say it's garbage and no oil should be run past 50:1 .. i think they said it was just a thicker oil. i personally think amsoil is a great company, what sells me is how they list all of the scientific info for there motor oils and the levels of zinc, base number etc. from the little bit of additive level information i have found for other "good" oils, amsoil is better.

    but for me, there is no way im going to buy an oil etc just because of a great commecial or ad campaign ... thats the way i work, tell me the numbers, show me scientifically why its better or im not buying it. makes sense right?
  3. deerex

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    I use it around 75:1. I also use seafoam 1 oz per gallon. It is nice come winter time not to have to worry how old the gas is in various 2-cycles. This combo has always treated me well.:cool2:
  4. The mayor

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    I have been running 100 to 1 for over ten years now. Not a single engine failure.
  5. saw man

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    You should worry how old your fuel is because it will loose octane over time. With that your engine will start to knock and heat rises and you could freeze up that engine.
  6. deerex

    deerex LawnSite Member
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    Sounds like good advice to me saw man. I dont think my fuel is over 7 months old when it gets used. So when would you say you are in danger after how many months?
  7. cntrline

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    Been using Amsoil about 15 years, no complaints and good results. Gas will start to break down within 30 days, if you don't use it by then use Stabil or another similar product, been using Stabil at least 10 years and it works and prevents varnishing of carbs and other problems, don't need to drain carbs for the winter.
  8. Beckham

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    but it's what ever the called for rate for me. I think I use optimax (sp). I figure if they will warranty it and the dealer puts it on his shelf and pushes it to me I'll us it at the going ratio!!! I like the no-smoke clean burn and I've been using it for several years. Even used it on an old Lawn Boy till the frame rust out and then I gave the very good running motor away. It might be still running?:clapping:
  9. topsites

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    I'm pretty sure amsoil is safe to use at 100:1 because amsoil is the only oil in the world has a 0.1% ash residue, most oils sport 0.9% or thereabouts... Something about this is what makes oils crap out, the ash is what's left over from refining or something and I dunno but it's a byproduct and the less ash it has the better it is.
    And by the time you run Mobil1, you might as well run amsoil.
    You want to save money, save it on maintenance labor not the parts, my attitude.
    It won't seize your engine, amsoil drives their own company vehicles to 100,000 miles between oil changes, thou they recommend we change ours once / year, but I really don't think you can go wrong with it.
    Heck I run anybrand synthetic blend (80% pure synth) and I push my stuff beyond mfg specs and nothing ever seized in 5 years.
    I change my vehicles every 3-4k or 6 months, most machines once / season, some twice, yes I run it in everything, truck too.

    I hate to advise it but get a light whiff of it before use, you know what it should smell like right?
    Because stale fuel has a definitely rough odor to it, almost like kerosene done got in it, just smells like ahhhh...
    That's what I do, just make sure to make it a light whiff lol

    And it does lose octane is what happens, but also keep in mind the 2-cycle mix itself is a stabilizer, I would start worrying after 6-8 months or so...
  10. dave k

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    Where do you purchase AMSOIL? on the net? I never see it in any stores?

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