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  1. CLM1103

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    I am changing all my existing 2-cycle equipment over to Amsoil 80:1 mix. I have a new Echo PB-650 backpack blower that has not been run. Should it be broken in on regular 2 - cycle oil mix (50:1) before changing to Amsoil or is it OK to break in with Amsoil?

    I have seen some discussion on this but am still not sure which is best. Thanks for any opinions.
  2. Dennis E.

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    Check the "scag" thread.(I left a response for you there)
    I used Amsoil 2 cycle on my equipment for awhile. Did not really notice that much of a difference to tell you the truth. I have,for the most part,always used Opti-2 for my mix. Seem to have very good luck with that.
    I do run synthetic in all three of my mowers though. Both the motor and hydro. Not Amsoil. Too long of a wait as the distributor is in Orlando. Any where else(retail) and the price is too high.
    I can't see much of a problem if you decide to use it (mix) on a new piece of equipment.
    Just my .02:D ;)
  3. rixtag

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    you should use regular dinosaur oil to break any gas motor in. Change to synthetic when the first service is due. Check with the dealer on the interval for the 2 strokes.

  4. gene gls

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    I tried Amsoil mix but didn't like it. I prefer Rotry oil mix.


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