I've been using Amsoil for a bit over two years now, both 2 stroke and 10-40. Had excellent luck with both. With our relatively short growing season I change oil in the mowers and tractor only once a season. It does not burn and turn all black like conventional oils do. The oil in the 25 Kohler on the Lazer has over 100 hours now and you can still see the marking on the stick through the oil. They claim that their oil runs cooler, I believe them, less dieseling and run on since I switched to Amsoil. For $20 a year you can get a dealership and buy factory direct. I'm also using their synthetic ATF on the tow/plow trucks where the higher temperature capabilities are well worth the cost.


i use amsoil in all my 2 strokes the stuff called 100 to 1 i mix 4 ounces for every three gallons and it works great,i know it dont seem like much oil,but i use to run it in all my moto cross bikes and they rev real hi,


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Been using Amsoil synthetic 100:1 2 cycle for 4 years in my trimmer, lawn boy and husky backpack which runs high r's and have had zero fuel related problems. I will never go back to petro based. <br>Using Mobil 1 in all 4 cycle stuff with no problems either.


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I have been running Amsoil 100:1 for over 7 years. I ran Amsoil 30W diesel oil in my gas Kubota on my Grasshopper for 5 years but switched to Mobil 1 because that particular Amsoil product was becoming difficult to find. I have run Mobil 1 in my vehicles for about 10 years

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