An App for completed work log?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tennstripeking, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. tennstripeking

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    I was wondering if there is an app out there that would allow me to keep track of completed jobs daily, then at the end of the month sync it to my groundskeeper pro software. It takes me several hours to manually enter it into the computer. It would be nice to be able to send out invoices without the half a day looking back and forth through my notebook entering dates and completion logs.
  2. garciajj612

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    Try service sidekick it's badass. I was looking for an app too but I couldn't find anything good. Service sidekick had a 14 day trial which I'm in my third day and I love it. It's web based and it syncs with quickbooks and iCal google calendar. Today I added one of my employees on the system while he was with me and I scheduled him a job on the and it automatically showed up on his phone on his calendar and you can also hit notify and it sends him a text message. You can create jobs and tasks.

    Also heres an example: I got a lead for repairing a leak so I called the costumer and while I was on the phone with her all I had to do is: hit new costumer, filled in the info. I gave her a price she said ok, i created an estimate(took 30 seconds or less) and hit a button to turn it into a job. After I visited the property i hit one button to complete the job made an invoice hit another button to email the invoice. On my way home I hit a button to sync with quickbooks it took 20 seconds to sync all the jobs for the day. Took me longer to type this than it takes to run the program I'm so freaking exited about it I got to come home and hang out with the family
  3. GreenBra

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    Good stuff
  4. starter12345

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    anyon have any recommendations?
  5. Sponsor
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    Locqus, all day. It is basically what we do and we are free. You can export data ranges to reduce clutter. We do not sync with groundskeeper pro as of yet however. We just launched last month.
  6. Gman2310

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    Theres nothing for groundskeeper which sucks. We had groundskeeper for approximately 9 years and just went away from it as they said they are over a year away from comking out with a web based software or any updates
  7. jccntry

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    I have been working with and testing Yardbook and am Very impressed with the options available, and the direction it looks like they are headed. I would like to get my hands on the upcoming Snowplow beta.
  8. Cherish Hull

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    Instead of looking for something to "Sync" with grounds keeper, you may be better off look to completely switch software programs. Then you'll have everything you need in one program. What are you looking for in a software? Think about the type of reporting it offers, does it do job costing? Do you need a customer portal? does it offer specific scheduling for maintenance, chemical applications, snow plowing, hardscaping, and any other services you may get into in the future? Does it have good customer management? Can you attach files to the customer's account, track conversations, see an extensive history of when you've serviced them, how long you were there, etc. Does it sync with the version of QB that you use (i.e. Desktop or Online)?

    Think about everything you'll need before you choose one, because you don't want to find out you need to switch again.

    CLIPitc is also free until you have 101 customers, after that it's $40/mo. then $80/mo. (According to how many customers you have). you can check it out at If you have more questions about it's capabilities just send me a message and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

    Cherish Hull
    CLIP Software

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