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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Razorblades, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Hello All, I just wanted to acknowledge what I consider to be excellent Factory direct support by the people from Lastec.(There are NO Lastec dealers in Arkansas) A couple of monthes ago I bought a mower Factory direct from them, with a full Warranty on mower and the promise of Factory direct support if any problems or issues come up. After using it a couple of weeks, I discovered an rpm issue with the engine. I had noticed that when I engaged the blades that it seemed like the engine rpms didn't come back up to where they should. I checked the rpm's WOT, no load and then with blades engaged. There was a 500 rpm diff. I had numeerous contacts via phone and email with the Tech people at Lastec and tried all the adjstments and other checks that I could do that they suggested and the manual instructions, all to no avail. The engine started good, ran well, with no other problems, so I was able to keep using it during this time. They then had me to take it to a local power equip. shop to check out. They couldn't fix the problem either. At this time, Lastec then decided to bring another engine(brand new, fully serviced , with new pto clutch installed) and a loaner mower, if needed, plus a couple of demo mowers for some interested people in my community of about 350 people. The Factory rep came and let the interested parties take them and demo them while he checked my engine, detemined that it was probably an internal governor issue, and then removed and replaced my engine and made any pulley alignment, linkage adjustments and then tested it and set the rpms and then checked the rpm drop with blades engaged, which was about 150 rpm with the new engine. I can tell a BIG difference in power now. I just finished mulching a customers 2.5 acre property, with alot of Pin Oak leaves and some Pine straw, and alot of wild onions and a few stubborn bahai stems with about 2.5 weeks growth. The mower did a very good job on it. I can't wait for spring now. As for the demo's, Jeff, the Factory rep, brought with him a 2961 Kaw L/C dfi, a 2261 22 HP 3 cyl L/C Yanmar diesel, and a 2872 3 cyl. Kubota L/C diesel. They were tried out by 4 different people, who were impressed with the ride and the smooth cut that they give. One of the people bought the 2872 mower after using it about 4 hrs. Jeff also left with me a new drive belt and a set of pump belts. He also passed out 5 or 6 Very sharp Lastec Ballcaps to us. Did I mention that his trip down here to south central Ar. was about 640 miles, one way. I don't mean to go overboard bragging about Their support but I was very impressed with the effort and expense they went to take care of my eng. problem and haul 3 mowers down here to a SMALL community for a few interested people to take a look at and try out. Lastec's support also impressed everyone around. Sorry for this post being so Lengthy, but I just wanted to give credit to the people at Lastec for Taking care of a small, distant customer without any haggling, or negotiating to make it happen. It is a Good example of a relatively small Company standing behind their word of support after the sale. Thanks Paul C
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    People tend to tell of all the bad stuff, so its nice to hear a good report on someone.
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    Thats good to hear about Lastec. What mower do you have? How do you like it? I'm about 2 hours from the Lastec dealer and am hessitent about buying a Lastec due to all the problems I have had with other new mowers. I have been eyeing them up for some time now, just got the lattest info for the commerical line. Thanks....
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    Thanks for sharing the story.

    It's good to know who IS doing things right....
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    I've got a 3261 Lastec. 32 hp Generac eng. with 61" deck. I like it very well. The orig. 32 hp Generac engine started easily, had used about 3 oz of oil in 35 hrs, which I consider to be acceptable. It had 85 hrs on it when I bought it. To me, the mower does what they say it will do. It cuts clean, discharges well, hard to make it scalp. I think people that haven't tried one out would be suprised at the smoothness of the ride. The way the decks articulate independently has alot to do with the smooth ride. It also has a suspension seat. It leaves a nicely manicured cut and has responsive but not jerky steering. I can't speak to any long term evaluation yet, but I'm impressed with the quality and performance of the machine so far. There is a variety of engine choices available for the 61" and the 72" / 73" models. Thanks, Paul C

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