An idea for new accounts I haven't seen before.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GLC51, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. GLC51

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    Just thought I would post this. I went to the local home and garden show this past weekend and walked by this by this booth with a guy trying to get some business cutting lawns. I have never seen this before at our show. I thought it was an interesting idea. The timing is about right for this area. I started cutting last week. Anyway, the idea might work, but in this case the execution was all wrong. His setup was a 10' x 10' area with brand new 21" mower (homeowner style ). He had a table with a some ballots , a ballot box and a sign offering a draw for 1 free lawn cut. The guy himself was kind of a dick. I tried talking to him but he wasn't very friendly! Like I said an interesting idea if you did it right. If you offered a better incentive, someone who would stop to enter the draw you could talk to and maybe get some jobs. he looked to be in his 50's probably another one lost his job and figures he will cut lawns now. If someone was starting out and had the right attitude and better set up it might be a way to pick up some business instead of dropping flyers in mailboxes, etc. Now if you were busy, you wouldn't have time to stand around for 3 days looking for work. Anyway don't know how it would work, just thought I would pass it along.
  2. Bustus

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    Ya thats kind of weird. I would have thought hes giving away the mower or something. Different, but not a technique I would use.
  3. JimLewis

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    I can't imagine taking out a booth at a show just to get lawn care accounts. I am not sure that's time or money well spent.
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    My guess is the people that go to those type of shows are homeowners like me that do everything themselves and not the type that are usually our best customers.

    My best customers are people who want their lawn to look nice, but are too tied up in their career to do it themselves. I love it when they call and say "can you just cut it every week and pickup a check under the mat or send me an invoice? I'm too busy to meet with you every week"

    I'd much rather have it that way than the guy that wants to bend my ear for 20 minutes each time I'm there.
  5. LwnmwrMan22

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    Been there done that.

    I used to go to our local home and garden show every year.

    I got one job out of it.

    It's just flat out not worth the time and / or money for the booth, even if it IS only $100.
  6. Coreyb

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    homeshow space around here is $1200. that's a lot of lawns

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