An Idea who's time has come

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. ed2hess

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    In Texas there are more rigs that look like that then there are the nice fancy setups. A nice rig is a turn off to people they assume you will be the high bidder. It is all about price and doing a quality job.
  2. Good thing I don't live near you. People around here don't want a beat up truck with oil leaks and looking like it came from a junkyard. There's a reason why people pay more for a clean appearance and a quality job. Companies that drive setups like that don't provide that. They are scrapping for the bottom feeders.
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  3. jvanvliet

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    Then why say:

    "An Idea who's time has come" :dizzy:

    I've seen rigs like this and on box trucks as well; it's an insane and unsafe setup, way too much top side and especially dangerous when that ramp gets a little slippery. Watched a guy slip down the ramp on his mower just about out of control.

    Not for me... IMO it's a stupid setup.
  4. jvanvliet

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    What you said; clean rig, clean shirts, clean equipment that's well maintained and documented English speaking crews!
  5. Duekster

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    I think a professional appearance is needed for sure.

    My comments are more about the design. Removing the bed and installing a dove tail flat bed configured for a landscape service.
  6. I wasn't referring to what you wrote....
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  7. Duekster

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    I know. Just adding to the converstation.
    Personally, I like box trucks better but that would be hard to do in a PU chasis.

    I am getting to where I like the trailer less and less but it will always have it's place too.
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    That sure beats pulling a trailer! Especially in Florida subdivisions with small streets and cul-de-sac's.

    If that were my setup I'd do fold down mesh sides for pallets and a big debris box up from for trimmings and what not. Maybe even aluminum.

    Ric you thinking of starting a fab shop? If so I'll take 2.
  9. williams lcm

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    Del 9175 - how does it work for you on your f350. I was planning on get one put on my 2001 f350 dually. You probably can only put 1 zero trun on ther right? How does it handle weight wise?
  10. stickleylawncare

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    I can see the usefulness of a setup of similar to that as well. There are several streets here with 'no parking' rules and the houses are all on long, narrow lots that make trailers a complete pain in the ass. Having a small vehicle like this to zip in and out of those places would be awesome.

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