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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Ric

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    I am an Equipment freak and would love to of had a Fab shop. Typical of the Good Old Red Neck Boy I have a ton of formerly utilized parts. You might call it JUNK.

    I no longer have a desire to have employees or grow a big company. But from a management man power point of view these smaller Mow & Go trucks can be run by less experienced people. This leave more experiences people to do Landscape installs and Trimming. Brick pavers are the popular thing now and at $ 5.00 a sq ft installed have a nice profit margin etc. Economic slow down this business plan allows the least experienced employee to be laid off while only moving a good man back to mowing.

  2. mjlcare2

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    handle the weight? its an F350.. payload is somewhere 4500-6000lbs.. whats a z turn weight these days.. a little over a 1000..

    I also glad I don't live where Ed Hess lives in Texas.. We clean our trucks/equipment weekly, paint them yearly and fix whats broke.. personal pet peeve I guess.. invest in your company and it will return in profits
  3. That seems to be the image of his company as well...I have found that people will pay more for quality and image...not everyone is destitute in this economy. Show up with a beat up crappy truck and you think people want to pay more?
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  4. ed2hess

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    I probably gave the wrong impression most of the big companies have nice stuff. And this is a big city so we don't operate much in the high end sections We are in the working class section where people live on a living wage:laugh
  5. Gotchya. We have a mixed bag of people here. We have ├╝ber wealthy people, people that work and take in 6 plus figures a year all the way down to the average working stiff.
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  6. mjlcare2

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    We assumed you were better than that Ed and I was taking it the wrong way!
    haha everybody likes nice stuff.
  7. Duekster

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    I have considered using a F 550 so you can get a 10 foot flat and a dove tail on the truck. Others say the NPR is a better engine chassis for this purpose.

    For light residential however I think you could use a smaller light duty truck if you just need a 36 WB, a 21, and trimmers.
  8. Ric

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    The purpose of posting this picture was the smaller size and versatility of that size. Most larger companies will have a shrub trim crew. The Idea of this smaller unit is to get in and out of a Mow & Go quickly. This truck's tail gate wasn't spring loaded but Mine would be. I would also have better Weed Eater racks etc. Anything to make the job easier & quicker.

    IMHO in today's economy Mow & Go can be 3 times more profitable than Full service. Down side is Customer loyality and possible slower pay. However Most all my working class customers pay quicker than the upscale customer.
  9. Not for highest payers pay right away where the lower ones pay last...just saying for me.
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  10. williams lcm

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    Del----- Someone told me that a f350 will old 3000lbs. If you have a zero turn like mine at 1400lbs and all the eqipment you need to get the job done Weed eater,gas,egders ect. It can get kinda heavy . If i could fit 2 of my mowers on my f350 that would be great.

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