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Discussion in 'Encore Equipment' started by poppa, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. poppa

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    I live in rural southwest Ms.
    I am not in the lawn business.
    I'm 52 years old and work in a papermill.
    Enough about me.

    I have three yards I have to mow every Saturday totaling about 6 acres.
    When I can, I help my 75 year old Dad mow his 4 or 5 acres at his house also.
    I have an 52 inch mid deck Encore that is a mid '90s model.
    Dad has a 48 inch Grasshopper that he uses on his inside yard and a 72 inch twin engine Dixie Chopper that does most of the work on the outlying yard.
    We also have a 150hp Case tractor with a 12 foot batwing mower for the big stuff. As you can see. I spend a lot of time mowing grass.

    My questions:
    Can I buy a new deck for my mid 90's Encore?
    And if so,about how much would that deck cost me?

    A testimonial.
    This mower( the Encore) has several thousand hours on it.
    It's powered by the 20hp. water cooled Kawasaki.
    I am on my second engine, and its starting to smoke a bit.
    My deck is about shot, but the frame and everything else is in good working condition.
    I have to say, this has been a good mower.
    Money well spent.

  2. poppa

    poppa LawnSite Member
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    Found me an abandoned Encore with only 950 hours on it.
    The deck is in great shape.
    It's on my mower now.
  3. Encore Mfg.

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    The mower that you have sounds like one that we haven't made for about 10 years....So, it may be difficult to locate a deck....

    If you could, please e-mail me the serial # and the actual model # and I will do a check.

    Glad the mower has been good to you, but over the past decade, have transformed this unit into our current PROWLER Mid-Cut....Feel free to go to

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