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    yeah we do are share amount, but usually when we lay mulch we are usually installing new landscaping. Mulching everybody can do it and it doesnt take much skill, kind of like mowing. You can make a decent amount but im taking my company in a different direction, Were getting into drainage work, and hardscaping, landscape lighting, and this fall we will be offering installation of irrigation & maintenance on them. But yeah your right we probably average around 10 yards a week, and most jobs are small, usually 2 or 3 yards per job. This last install which I took a few shots of was 29 yards. Were probably close to 200 yards for the yr. This yr we have installed alot of river rock, probably close to 50 yards this yr.
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    What model stihl paver saw did you buy this year. I saw that you posted it a few pages back and if you dont mind me asking about how much it cost. I am in the market for one.
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    Any idiot can do mulch and mow, I agree. I would also say most idiots think they can do pavers, hardscaping, and everything else you listed. Its all about keeping your customers happy, and selling your services. We do a very nice business just keep our own clients happy. Its sounds like you are branching out well, keep your business mind small no matter how big you grow and good luck!
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    Scag, just read through your thread. Looks like you have an awesome setup. I'll be starting out this fall doing cleanups etc., but hope to be where you are someday. I'm 18 so I find your success to be pretty inspiring. Unfortunately it'll have to be a part time deal for me the next four years because of school (parents insist). Hopefully after I've made my parents happy, I'll be able to devote all my energy to the business, and grow like you have.
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    Don't go to school for 4 years just to make your parents happy. You'll just end up wasting 4 years of your life, man.
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    I strongly disagree, Anything done in life is not wasted as you walk away with new knowledge and new understandings. Also a lot of what is learned while attending college is social networking and time management. Not necessarily book smarts. Its one of the best times of your life, so I strongly encourage you to go away to school and enrich yourself. Believe it or not your customers in the future will have a great deal of respect for you knowing that you've attended college. The work will always be there, the opportunity to be 18-22 years old and living on a college campus being a maturing kid isn't.
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    I completely disagree with this statement. I'm in my early 30's, a returning college student, and if I could erase my past and do it all over again I would. Trust me, college will make you more prepared to enter the work-force, start your own lawn care business, and enrich your life. Most employers or clients don't care about the actual degree you receive, it's just the fact that you achieved something.

    Sure, you'll sit through endless hours of boring lectures and write ten page papers weekly, but you will also experience true college life- drinking cheap booze such as PBR, Natural Light, Keystone, and banging out hot college girls:)

    Better yet, if your tuition is fully covered, you are in a much better position than I am right off the bat. I'll have nearly 40K in student loans after graduation, and will most likely be pushing a mower to pay them off.

    Good luck GrayM, and go for it!
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    Lol whoa guys I never said don't go to college. I went to college. I was saying don't do it to make someone else happy. You won't get nearly as much out of it if the only reason you're doing it is to make someone else happy. That's what I was getting at. College is great and so are the benefits. Just make sure it's what You want. Don't do it for your parents. Good luck with everything :)
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    well little up date, sorry dont have much time to get on here these days, but i thought i might post some picts of a few jobs we have done. Also picked up a new truck a few weeks ago. Business is going good, still picking up lots of good jobs, doing lots of drainage work, dry wells french drains, and also new installs as well. Here some pict enjoy. For the mowing crew they are doing good as well grass has kind of slowed down which is somewhat nice, they have cut back and arent working saturdays anymore which isnt a bad thing i guess.

    dodge 1.jpg

    dodge 2.jpg

    dodge 3.jpg

    dodge 4.jpg
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    Byers walk.jpg

    turkey picts spring 2010 023.jpg

    turkey picts spring 2010 026.jpg

    turkey picts spring 2010 029.jpg

    turkey picts spring 2010 044.jpg

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