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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawrence stone, Mar 17, 2001.

  1. It looks to me that there are more members from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania than any other or state or province?

    How can this be? There are many states that have a much greater population than PA.

    Could this be do to that PA residents are more net savvy
    therefor more intelligent vs. the rest of the country do to our Quaker based educational system?
  2. Chip

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    I would like to think your right Lawrance. But where do you get you data from. The S.E. Pa luncheon was a big success.Maybe next year we will have more.
    I only see a few new members on site from Pa. It seems to me, that there are a lot of members from the south east states.
    Maybe as the site grows and there could be discussions or threads that are more geographic. This is a great site and is beneficial to all members.
  3. Roger

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    Lawrence: I suspect all of us in PA are sitting waiting for the weather to break. From other threads, it sounds as if we were several hundred miles south, we could be out mowing. Those who are now spending their days doing useful work don't have time to browse this board. Soon, we will not have time either!

    Maybe PA's tax-free time zone for PCs last Summer and a few weeks ago worked - more PCs in the hands of PA residents...
  4. TLS

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    You gotta love him!

  5. lakegastonla

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    I think the COMMON in Commonwealth says it all about PA. By the way, if you were half as brilliant as you think you are, then maybe you could have spelled the word "observation" correctly.

    No offense, just an "Obsersation". :D
  6. mowerman90

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    Not to take sides, but I think Stones right. I'm from Pittsburgh, born and raised there. Lived there for 37 years. Then I used my "net savvy and inteligence" and moved to Florida!!!LOL
  7. LoneStarLawn

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    Funny that reminds me of a quote:
    That quote can be found at this thread

    Sorry Stone couldn't help it....
  8. Hey Ed thousands of cheapo senior citizens have left PA this year and are heading your way.

    Now that there gone from the commonwealth their former housing is occupied by younger people who are productive members of society, who are willing to pay non-depression era pricing for goods and services.
  9. geogunn

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    lakegastonla provided:

    Funny that reminds me of a quote:
    thanks LakeG...that was a little stroll down memory lane!

    that's the STONE we used to love and appreciate!

    uh...and by the way mister stone, when you say "do to"...uh...don't you mean "due to"?

    spell checker won't catch that one but you might try GRAMATIC!;)


    and BTW, your link to your site isn't working. are you locking out the AOL lamers?

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  10. jeffyr

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    Back to your corners boys and don't come out fightin' till you hear the sound of the bell!

    Very funny. When I saw the word "observation" spelled wrong and Stones name I figured it must be on purpose to get more people to look at the thread.


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