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    It appears to me that JOHN Q. PUBLIC, be they buisness or homeowner might be playing LCOs like there favorite song.
    People use to work one company their whole life,no more.
    Changing, LCOs or anything else, in mid-stride SEEMS TO BE THE ORDER OF THE DAY.

    MIDSOUTH LawnSite Senior Member
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    I hold an old bat (i mean lady) last year, she was in her eighty's, I did little extras for her and she always said I did the best job on her yard anybody has ever done. I went by there a couple of weeks ago and she said, a guy from rayville came by and he is 5.00 cheaper a cut than you are, you are too expensive, he will do my yard from now own, thing is the guy is from rayville, which is 25 miles away.
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    Write it off. Whenever you go by and see them working in her yard, you can always have a piece of mind knowing that YOU made much better money on that job than what he will EVER make. (because he'd still have to make up for retroactive lost money even after this season.) Also, you know as well as all the rest of us, that if that one goes, two more will come along. This, of course, is not to mention that there is a good chance you will be called back again when she realizes she's only getting what she payed for. (probably less, as this guy has to make up his losses in driving time.)

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