An Office/Shop...Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MainTainZ Property Svcs., Dec 10, 2013.

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    To me there is no prestige in owning a shop on commercial property.

    It is a question of need verse want. I go to my customers. So having a business location is not needed to deal with the customers.

    Even though where I live there are still some farms it is considered suburban residential for most areas. The business zoned areas are expensive to buy land and many zoning laws can restrict what you can build.

    Rich people bought a home next to a farm. Only get pissed off that the farmer tore down the old wood barn and put up an ugly new metal barn. How dare that farmer ruin the view from the rich guy's house. The rich are pushing for zoning changes to prevent any more metal barns going up.

    I know most parts of the country when you leave downtown you are in rural areas pretty fast. So it is easy to get property close to the areas that you service. Making having a commercial shop easier.

    It would be nice to have an office where I can leave my paper work on my desk and not have my wife wanting me to take my books off of the dining room table.

    Nice to have a shop with heat, lift, garage door on both ends to drive through, long enough to leave the trailer hooked up over night, store a plow in side all year, put on and take off the plow indoors.

    Nice to afford.

  2. The biggest advantage is you go to the office and work,staying home will distract you, instead of doing prospecting new clients you will be running errands,I understand your security concerns but that what insurance is for put a alarm in some lights and may be a loud barking dog,the money that you spend will be well spent.
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    Lot space is great. Office space is more of a luxury for an owner-run company. We have both and I wouldn't want to go back to working from home
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    Different ball game when Youre trying to expand and have employees. Youre solo
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  5. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    I know one day I will need a shop. I know I am not zoned for having anything business at my home, as almost all of us are operating from home. Technically the only thing allowed here is one business truck. Thank goodness the neighbors are ok and actually there are many ,out of code, home business around me. If I owned the property you have, it would be the business home. As for those thinking of making the move to rent or own. Never having a business location it may be a good idea to rent for a few years. If you buy something and the layout just does not work, or growth slows, it is harder to make a change owning. When you do buy, spend some time at a perspective location. Park there at different business hours and take a look at what happens during the day. You could talk to local police and see if they go to that area often. Talk to property owners in the area. Check and recheck local codes. Just because it is zoned for business does not mean a Landscape Company is legal there. Also check to see how far the business district goes. If you buy a building on the edge of the zone, and the next zone is residential, housing could be built there and cause problems you never expected. Same as buying a home next to a undeveloped business area, years later your nice urban place could be a bustling business area.
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    I am thinking about having a building built on my property. I have filled my garage slap full and I would like to park indoors again. I have strict HOA rules on stuff being outside so my trailer and all of my equipment has to be indoors. I have also looked at some of the small buildings at Home Depot and some of the other local places that might work for equioment storage but I still have the trailer to worry about.
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    Though it would be nice to have a separate garage with office space in my back yard so my house's garage could go back to being used for personal stuff.
  8. Dr. Cornwallis

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    I would only do an office/shop if it was on my own land. I would never pay to rent a place. I think one of the best things about this business is the low overhead. I keep my equipment in my garage full of tools and do my office work from my laptop while I lay on the couch. My commute to work is about twenty seconds. All of the equipment for my business is basically equipment I need anyway for maintaining my own yard, it just so happens I use it to do a lot more than that.
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    I ended up getting a storage locker for equipment so my wife could park in the garage. It's made a big difference. And I've thought a lot about an office space, but it would have to be in a separate location from the equipment. Would be nice to have home files and paperwork separate from lawn care stuff. Just not sure the extra costs would payoff. So I'm watching the replies here.
  10. MainTainZ Property Svcs.

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    Well, one advantage that I have, is that I already own the office bldg. and property. Over the years, I've rented it out to other people but the last few that I rented it to were deadbeats. So it's been empty since last December. I've used it for storage and that's about it. Right now I don't even have the power on or water on. The location is pretty good. It's in a place where I could sell mulch, plants, etc. if I wanted to.The area has been having a lot of break ins. Pill heads breaking in houses and car and grabbing what they can for a quick fix. I figure my biggest expense will be putting up a shop. I just figured a bare bones metal building or frame bldg. with just the basics. I think I could get everything up and running for around 5-7k..
    I appreciate all the input..

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