An Office/Shop...Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MainTainZ Property Svcs., Dec 10, 2013.

  1. 94gt331

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    I like the brimar dump insert i got them on 2 of my trucks, good investment if you don't have a larger dump truck allready.
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    I've got a medium sized company and I've got a fair amount of equipment to store (much to the chagrin of my wife) but I can't imagine renting a shop.....unless it was really close and really cheap. I think you kinda nailed it in your post when you asked if the shop would bring you more business....the answer would have to be "no," unless the shop was in a visible location where you could put a sign up. I have a friend who pays $650/month for a shop, and granted it's a nice place but by the time he pays rent, utilities and takes extra time to drive there every day I just don't see how it could be worth it.
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    Medium sized? How many employees park their cars in front of your house everyday?

    Many residential suburban neighborhoods that would get the neighbors uptight.

    Then owners have posted they feel more secure for their family not having their employees know where they live.

    I am small. So working out of my house is not a problem. That $650 a month for me is a lot to spend and get no return. Not going to increase my productivity either.

    Though I can see when a business can get to big to be run out of a house.
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    After his divorce, one of my very best long time friends (now deceased) built a 40 x 60 ft shop (with a 14-16 ft tall ceiling), and then built a very nice 2 bedroom apartment in one of the corners of the shop. It was built just as if it was located outside (with separate walls/roof etc.)

    He was a circuit judge and just loved wood working as a way to clear his mind of all of the daily negativity that came along with his job. Having to keep his mind on intricate measurements/plans needed to make furniture and cabinets (that he so loved to build) was really a great escape for him.

    He just loved the idea of walking out of his apartment door directly into his shop (playpen). Another benefit of this setup was that, since both the shop and the apartment were insulated really well, his utility bills for the apartment were very very low.

    We were neighbors and had a lot of common interests, so we spent an average of about 10 -12 hrs/wk together for about 20 yrs. This setup really worked out great for him.....I sure do miss him.
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  6. Tom-N-Texas

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    that's a good point about the cars....I have 4 employees on an average day in the summer but only 2 extra cars in the driveway (and I have a long driveway so it's not an issue with the neighbors or being unsightly on the street)....

    that's weird...not sure I'd want to have someone working for me who I didn't trust to know where I lived. We mow lots of lawns on my street so I could never hide such a thing.

    yea, like I say, it might be worth it to me if it was really close and really cheap....but I've never found such a thing near me. $700/month is almost $8,500/year....and that's probably on the low end for a decent shop. That kind of money would buy a whole lot of equipment or gas throughout the year.
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    We got a nice office and shop but the first thing we did was build a nine foot cedar fence so nobody could see what we had in back. And the last thing we would do is put sign out front to draw attention. We are in a pretty good location across from huge car dealer.....if we had sign it would be good place to advertise. As a side note investing in a lot and building in our city is a good investment.
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    Well, the situation I'm in is a little different. I bought the property about 6 years ago or so and I pay $200 a month. Utilities would run about $150 ( I have them cutoff at the moment). So, I'm already paying for the building and it's just sitting there. I've rented it out a few times but it's been nothing but a headache. I started to seriously think about a shop several months ago. I've had several ideas for the bldg. but I thought it might kill two birds with one stone (bldg. is just sitting there and I'm running out of room at my house). It's just that I've done things a certain way for so many years, it's hard to change it up. I've always had my shop at my house but sometimes change is necessary and good.
  9. MainTainZ Property Svcs.

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    I think a huge wood fence in my area would just give the thieves cover to stay and spend more time
  10. MainTainZ Property Svcs.

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    Your friend sounds like he was a really good guy.

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