An other ROW mowing Co. gives up the ghost

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Ric

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    I saw a new crew mowing the Side of the roads and call a friend who works for the county. Yep, yet an other Mowing company has gone the way of the wind.

    I have followed our counties ROW mowing contracts for close to 15 years. In that time only one contractor has been successful. I first got the bug when I was told one contract was over 100 K a year. After doing my due diligences, I found the problem. It was only $ 0.25 a thousand sq ft per cut. Plus the trash throw on the side of the road has to be picked up right before mowing.

    These Contracts and their bids are public knowledge. I really didn't expect this company to last as long as they did. Their bid was 20% lower than the previous and only successful contractor who claimed his margin was less than 10%.

    I am afraid this is a Common problem created by Yard Boys who don't have a clue about real business. When I taught Material Calculation & Calibration at the local College, I believe I saw the Real Problem. I had to teach Grade School Arithmetic before I could teach Calibration.

  2. ToddH

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    I admit, Calibration is not my strong suit.
    Some public bids are better than others. I think some agencies are better than others as some are learning a lesson as well.

    I have seen ROW mowing go for as low as $15.00 / AC
    Almost as low as you say.
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    I'm not in Florida but curious where you go to find these bids. I'm sure low balling is the same everywhere but it might be good to keep an eye out
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    We stopped bidding on county work in this area over 15 years ago and have no desire to do it again. Every year there is a new contractor doing the state right of ways as well.
  5. knox gsl

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    What do they do with the mowing equipment, do they just patch it up till the end of the contract and then decide to get out?
  6. alldayrj

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    The bank probably sends out some nice guys to pick it up for them
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  7. ToddH

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    Government bids are public record.
    People think to get the bid they have to drop the price of the last winning bid. They will often win. Some cities are getting smarter and setting up various score cards so the low bid is not the only factor.

    Those would be the only ones that I bid on.
  8. bugsNbows

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    Many moons ago, I bid on (and was awarded) the contract for all termite control work in the school system of Brevard, County Florida. It turned out to be the biggest PIA in recorded history. Needless to say, once the contract expired, I did not re-bid. As a matter of fact, I ran like hell!

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