Anbody Out There Doing Quality Work???????

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by stxkyboy, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. stxkyboy

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    Does anybody here do natural looking offense guys but all these things look ploped the middle of yards randomly and look as unnatural as possible. I want something i can sell to high end customers who dont want (no offense) junk in their yards. Im interested in getting some tips if ur out there.
  2. bcx400

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    I agree with you! I have used the aquascape biofalls, and found there is no way to make it look natural. I just don't care for the 'pile of rocks' effect that is the finished look. I have used their skimmers in combination with filters that can be buried. This makes it easier and more natural looking when creating a waterfall or cascade. I hate seeing the filter!

    I am also NOT sold on placing gravel in the pond, on the liner. It looks nice the first year, but is a pain to clean and holds all kinds of debris.

    Water gardening is still evolving, and I think we'll see new products soon. Aquascapes recently started marketing the bog filter concept, which I think is a great idea.
  3. Green Gopher

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    I agree with you both also.

    I think part of the problem is some clients are asking for waterfalls in a flat backyard, and this can never look natural. Also the industry is trying to put a pre-fab product out that a guy can "snap" in place in a weekend. Aqua-scape has come close and their are quality grade products if your client is willing to do the maintenance. It takes time and money to do things right. If you want a five hundred dollar pond it is going to look like a five hundred dollar, hardware store pond. I use a completely different design with under-gravel filtration and the only pond products I use are liners and pumps. The rest I build from scratch. works great and has been the standard for Koi hobbyists for more than twenty years. Low maintenance for client and natural filtration for the fish. I have some digital photos of one I finished this fall, but I don't know how to post them. (can anyone help?)

    as for gravel and sediment, this is a concern, but I use a swimming pool venturi siphon and you can't beat the natural look of gravel and rock.

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    I do both natural pods and formal ponds the one below is a mix of natural and formal. The problem with making the pond look completely natural is most homes now have a plain flat yard and a customer laying 6 grand down for the pond will not lay another 6 grand down for landscaping to make it look natural

    pond done.jpg
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    The walk to the pond:D

  7. WeatherMan

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    stxkyboy so comon lets see some of your work. I guessing you went through the forums and saw everybodys ponds then made your comment "Anbody Out There Doing Quality Work???????"

    Now I would like to see some of your quality work!!
  8. zedosix

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    I think he already showed us his quality :rolleyes: work.
  9. stxkyboy

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    Im asking for advice on this subject.....I am in the middle of one install and will be doing another this summer. Im looking for this advice so my work will look better and i think maybe u guys should consider doing the same.
  10. stxkyboy

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