Anbody Out There Doing Quality Work???????

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by stxkyboy, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Phishook

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    Ck your PM stxky

    looks like a ring of rocks around a pool of water, right? Sure I'm happy with it, I made a small fortune and it made the customer happy. But could I have made it look more natural?

    What if I took the bio falls further up and to the right, and then sunk it into the ground to eliminate the small volcano. I've never saw water fall spuing water out the top of a hill, have you?

    The edging on this pond looks ridiculous. The boulders are way to big for this size pond.

    I guess if you want a natural looking pond, focus on the natural contour of the ground, where the landscape meets the pond(edging), the view of the pond(don't let the viewer see where it comes from or where it's going), and of coarse plants. A row of topiary hedges probable isn't your style. You'd probably like a lot of grasses, cottoneaster's, pines, and others a long that line.

  2. WeatherMan

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    Jonny you have a Pm from me Please read it!!!!
  3. Victor

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    I really like your pond Phish!. How did you go about building it? Tell me something about the construction methods you used. :)

  4. stxkyboy

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    Waterfalls like pishhooks are exactly what i am talking about here. Maybe this is high quality work( i guess that means its well built) but in terms of looks...i mean come on. Its boulders set in gravel. What is attractive about that. Im sure that this type of falls might serve some market, but lets face it this isnt going to cut it for high end clients. And i already know that your going to say well the landscape budget wasnt there( i have heard people we considered subcontracting say this) But even if ten thousand dollars worth of plants were installed this falls wouldnt look anymore natural.

    That job is in waterford estates, off of buttermilk
  5. WeatherMan

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    Oh I disagree with 10K in plants I can make that look more natural then if it was
  6. TractormanAnson

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    Phishook's design is great and it will look more natural with time once the stone set in and the gravel buries itself and the stream gets a proper coat of various lifeforms
    see this whole subject's problem is your not looking into the future your looking at photos of new installs not ponds you've done in the last couple years when there well established and more natural i've seen ponds and waterfalls that i never thought looked good turn out to be really nice
    after a few years most informal ponds become "natural"
  7. stxkyboy

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    Please show me a picturre of a "natural" waterfall that has a 3ft border of medium size gravel around it......whats something like that go for pish

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    heres mine

  9. Phishook

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    Never mind stx, when you find your answer let me know.
  10. kris

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    Ponds are just starting to catch on here... we did 4 last year. There is some great looking shots in this thread alone. Someone mentioned and I agree that it takes time for plant material to mature before the true beauty of the pond is seen.

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