And I thought I was too cheap!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by onlythebest, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Puddle of Oil

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    what you see in my signature. nothing incredible but it suits me and my lawns just fine.
  2. weezyf

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    Give the kid a break.....and this is coming from somebody who does not give breaks lol. I hate low ballets as much as the next guy but I can easily mow some yards in ten min or less when they are tiny. Some people just work fast so try can go back home especially when they are younger I know I sure did...five years later tho and im getting slower lol
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  3. Greyst1

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    Sorry about that, didn't even see your sig. Don't know what's wrong with me today.....haha.

    I have pretty much the same setup

    2006 F250 5.4
    2010 Boss PVXT 8.2
    2008 Exmark Lazer Z HP
    All Stihl handhelds
    2008 6x12 Liberty Trailer
    Lesco broadcast spreader

    I'm looking to make some changes though. A new trailer with a side gate for sure and maybe a walk behind or stander

    Anyhow, good luck this season. I hope we are not done with snow. Hit me up if you shoot the chit, sell or buy some accounts, etc....
  4. Puddle of Oil

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    yep ill keep that in mind thanks! Great talking to ya.

    Sorry for the hijack "onlythebest".*trucewhiteflag*
  5. Richard Martin

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    I wish someone would. It gets deeper every year.
  6. elitelawnteam1

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    I'm not being mean... I'm in high school, I'm 16, and I know starting out is rough. I'm just telling it like it is. When I started out, I charged $20-$25 for <1/4 acre property. Now I charge about double. He owns all that equipment that i talked about, and he still doesn't understand that if your prices are low, it's going to take longer for you to pay off your daddy who bought the equipment.

    Like i said im not being mean
  7. onlythebest

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    My dad dindnt buy me anything nor will he ever... Unless you are referring to the guy charging 15/7500sqft
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  8. Wright48

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    In my area you have too make 47 an hour to be profitable for cutting grass so the lowest i will bid a lawn is 25 per cut. I have nothing against highschool kids or collage kids working but if you going to do it at least make money at it. Im never worried about the highschool/ collage compitiion because i get a few accounts a year from people starting out with local kid in school doing it , and they get fed up with llack of knowlage, messy job and un reliability.I dont sweat the school kids.

    when it comes to illegals im not worried either the market is slowly changing people want a contractor that can speak english and can ensure a quality job. when you have 3 amigos cuts pull up in a beat up truck and rag tag equipment theyll never make it in affluent areas or middle class towns either.People dont mind paying more but they want the customer service and qualitly work for it.
  9. weezyf

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    Im glad somebody has some "knowlage" around here lol sorry had to throw that out there.
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  10. onlythebest

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    Lol that's funny ^
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