And now for the rest of the bill and Kim story….


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Got yet another text from my man bill on “ I guess your wondering why I fired you?” ( no not really)

it seems bill was offended when I had talked to her about the scathing email on weeds a few months back. He considered this meddling in his life.

when I saw Kim’s reaction, I knew she had no idea about the text, and this is where bill got caught lying by me. Apparently other issues and his lies between the two caught up with him. From that point forward I never believed anything that came from a text from Kim.
I told him his duplicity with interactions with me and especially his wife were his doing, not some trumped up “weeds in my lawn”

it’s easier to tell the truth.
This seems to be a problem resulting from interacting too much with the client. I blame this one on the internet and smart phones.


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In this situation our answer is, yes it can be done. If you want it done today, the answer is YES. For a (very high) fee. Because we will have to pull a truck off it's regular route, etc. minimum for on demand mowing for us is $70-100 for cutting 5000-8000 sqft of grass. And only basic edging is getting done. No cutting away sod or establishing new edges.


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Ironically, I had very few texts with Kim, which made it seem more real when I would get one.

I guess it’s out of the norm for me, as my wife and I don’t use each others phones, couldn’t care less about accessing it.

in hindsight, this account was on the bubble, as it was becoming a trimming nightmare and was starting to become an obstacle course. Like any of us, will miss the money but that’s about it. Onward!


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I answer emails from my and my wife email, both business emails. She just doesn't get to it so I always do it. Then everyone is always saying to me how nice my wife was in the emails. I try to type slightly differently so people don't recognize they are both me, but sometimes I just say it's me replying to my wife emails.


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You got it @hal Bill had failed to mention to her about me spraying for nutgrass and armyworms, as I had told her I would. she had apparently been gone on a trip, and bill had told her I had never showed up. Little did bill know I easily got my records for the day in question.

again, easier to be truthful than start a lot of drama. Even at 65, I wonder what it is that makes people lie or involve others in their attempts to be deceitful. It’s like a cheating spouse, sooner or later you get caught
Manipulation, and lying to achieve it, even over trivial things, provides the illusion of power. It is a character disorder, sociopathy.

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