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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by XOFMOT, Feb 9, 2002.


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    As some of you may know…I’ve been in the process of evaluation a new business venture. After doing some intensive market research (did none for the lawn care industry when I started this last year), I’ve (we, my family) have come to the great decision making process to either keep a go at the lawn care or move into an industry that we feel will be a needed asset in our community. From previous posts you may have noticed that I’ve been thinking about a power equipment repair business. Well, as of today, it’s a go! I will be leaving the lawn care aspect of this business but still staying connected to it from a different view. I’ve spoken with most of my lawn care customers and have referred them to other area LCO’s.

    Just to update those who may not have been noticing what I’ve been researching…… I have started the process (state registration, id#, insurance…and so on) for my new business. I’m starting an ON-SITE POWER EQUIPMENT REPAIR business. 95% of my business will be done on location and the other 5% will need to be done at my shop. I DO NOT have a storefront. I am NOT representing any single brand of power equipment, I plan on staying independent. From my research I have found that most of my customers will be the HOMEOWNER. I’ve spoken with a few area LCO’s and have arranged to be servicing their equipment on a weekly basis (oil changes, blade sharpening, tire repairs and so on.). Parts are not going to be much of a problem, I’ve solved that “INVENTORY” problem by letting the area “POWER EQUIPMENT STORES” become my warehouse(s).

    Thanks for all everyone here has done to help me in my LAWNCARE business this past year, but with the saturation of illegal LCO’s in my area, they should keep me in business!


    I have one property that I have yet to refer a new LCO to care for and if anyone is interested in it (REDDING, CT) please E-mail me! (Not selling the account, just want a reputable LCO to offer to that former customer).

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    Good luck!:)

    I will post later.
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    So, let me get this straight. You plan NOT to stock parts, right? This would require you to answer a service call at a customers house, diagnose the problem and then chase parts down all over town paying the other guys markup each time you buy a part. I wish you the best, but if I were you, I would hook up with Rotary or Stens for direct ordering, and keep a few common parts for the most common engines you will see. (briggs 3.5, 5hp, tecumseh 5&6 hp) Good luck, I do think that customers would gladly pay for on-premises maintenance to keep from hauling a 21 push in the trunk of their Lincoln to the shop. (MASSIVE RUN-ON SENTENCE)
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    you came on pretty big and strong, i remember. saying how you were gonna do this, and do it right with the lawncare. why the change, just saturation or other reasons?

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    I'm waiting arrival of $5,000 worth of parts as we speak. I NEED the other local shops to supply me with what I don't have. My ON-SITE rate is acually CHEAPER then the average"SHOP RATE" of all the local shops in my area. I don't have a $5000.00 per month rent to pay. I own my own shop outright (2000 sq. Ft.).

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    bubble boy,

    Initially I was going to do BOTH. Now that I have done MUCH research on the ON-SITE REPAIR concept I've concluded that this is where I feel most comfortable. I went into the lawncare business just as a "WAY OUT" from working the INSIDE job. I've been extensivly trained in BRIGGS and KAWASKI engines (schooling), and all my life I've been involved ina FIELD SERVICE related industry. I feel confident, eager and have that "BRING IT ON" attitude. Lawncare was a relaxing atmosphere for me, but with this invasion of illegal LCO's in my area it's just plain "HARD" to compete. Sure, everyone says thet will be gone, but not here. Sure a company that is in business today may be gone the next, and another illegal is just waiting to get a hold of their equipment. Will this ever come to an end? I bet not! WE (this country) are not enforcing any type of immigrent laws, so why should they stop.
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    This is a great idea .... but I fear that an idea it will only be .... on site repairs will only go so far ..... it's going to come to "down time" as that is Your time .... you can't finish a job right there ..... just seems like a bottle-neck .... small repairs sure ....but will this but food on the table ..... most repair places sell stuff which later they repair or service ....the 2k shop is a good start but is far from show room .....I don't know not my area of thought

    I do know that a pick up service is good ..... supplying oil changes, belt repairs, spindle n blades sharpens .... well as an past lco yourself .....most guys do this in house or have $ to burn

    the only real ? is there a need for yet another repair operation in your area .... if there is n you may make it thru the critical 1st year ...than the next benchmark of 3 years ..... the hump mark of 5 years etc.

    keep smart n good luck .->
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    Best of luck to you and I would be careful of doing any repair work for all these illegal LCO's you speak of in your area.
    It seems like a tough situation to be in doing this type of work. You are literally going to be buying parts from your competition and taking work away from them right under their nose. I don't think they are going to appreciate that. You go in to buy a part and then go fix the mower at the customers house. Don't you think that is going to piss them off? I wouldn't look for alot of cooperation with getting parts as fast as you may need them. It's like buying a T.V. from Best Buy or Wal-Mart and then selling them on the street corner next door. Seems strange to me. I am not discouraging you just giving an outside opinion. Sorry you are getting negative feedback but you did ask.Obviously you have thought this through and good luck with it!
  9. Cleve

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    Sounds like a great idea to me.
    I would really like the idea that someone would come to my place to work on my Walker, Toro WB, or other equipment without keeping it for a week or so. Even though I do my own maint. there are times that real repairs are needed. My dealers have yet to offer a loaner while dong service and in the busy season service can take more than a week.
    As far as problems with this type of business you have to consider homeowners are totally seasonal when it comes to power equipment. They don't need you until something breaks and that might only be during the growing season.
    Good luck. Still sounds good to me.
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    Hmmm, not a bad idea .might be able to use one of those around here . GOOD LUCK !!! XOFMOT

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