And some people complain about rain!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Avery, Jul 11, 2004.

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    Builder we do a lot of work for dropped one in our lap with short notice. Had one day to install the job. Not a big deal. Small job. Some plantings out front and around back in the pool area. Had to be finished by 4:00 pm when the renters arrived. No problem. We show up in force around 8:00 am and get'er done. Right before we finish the sky starts getting dark. As we are pulling away from the job it is getting even darker. About 10 miles from the site I see three funnel clouds forming in the sky. Then two of them drop and touch down. One was fairly good sized and REALLY close. Saw it kicking up sand/water/debris across the dune. Here are a couple of pics. They are blurred as I was shooting through a rain covered windshield but you can still make out the funnel.

    Thinking about changing our motto....Neither rain, sleet or tornados stop Avery Landscaping from getting the job done! :D

  2. Avery

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    Another shot of the funnel.

  3. Avery

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    One of the job in progress. Nice and sunny when we started. No mention of bad weather in the forecast.

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    Hi Avery,

    I like your new motto idea :)
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    damn, that would suck, i remember the other week i was in a dry creek bed doing something... looking for some rocks, hell i dont know, we had to finish this little wall right down the road. anyways, i was walking down the creek bed, it was sunny, birds were chirpping, and all of the sudden my boss is like, get the hell out!!! and i was like, huh? i gotta find a rock, screw off. and then i look behind me and see this 3 foot high wall of water make its way around the bend. seems like it was pouring rain a few miles up town. well, lukcy for me i was able to fun fast enough that when i steped on a ledge i was able to climb up the 5-6ft bank... interesting day, but as far as tornados, never had to deal with one of those. damn mother nature.

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