And Takedow begins in earnest...


David Gretzmier

LawnSite Gold Member
we will be fully finished, trucks cleaned out and warehouse officially done tomorrow. happy to be done.

On foliage, I will be hitting the Dallas Markets this spring and summer to see what I can find, but I have been using the "HD" mixed noble since "HBL" started. And so far, short of handmade designer foliage costing 3x as much nothing really compares to it. but the price continues to go up, so I continue to shop and check. I have not checked the markets in 2 years, so looking forward to that overwhelming feeling of stuff to look at everywhere.

I have found a wreath company that actually beats HD in terms of frame, but then they go cheap on the foliage. I have asked dara to find foliage and we have talked extensively about HD and mixed noble stuff. but she is mainly a broker and has no real interest in creating product, she tends to just help manu's rep their stuff.

the bottom line is HD has been making very nice looking full foliage for a while now and they have gotten pretty good at it. to create that look you have to set up the line and figure it out. and likely won't be cheaper.

finally, try to remember that on the wholesale side, a very high quality long lasting warm white LED light sets when applied to a wreath or garland, usually exceeds the cost of the frame and foliage. HD does not compromise on foliage, so...maybe that is why the LED's don't work out so well for them.